Dota 2 "The Techies Update" Released


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May 29, 2007
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The Techies Update has now been released, meaning everything we originally spoke about in this post has now been added into Dota 2!

Original Post:
As promised, the latest hero for Dota 2 is just about here after their explosive arrival during the All-Star match at The International 2014. Introducing: The Techies. Known for their devastating land mines, deadly traps, and their ability to explosively suicide on command, the Techies have continually stood as the most requested hero since the early days of Dota 2's open beta.


The Techies are far from the only feature set to be introduced alongside The Techies Update, however, as numerous other previously promised content is also being added. Like Lina, Terrorblade, and Legion Commander before them, the Techies will receive their own rare arcana item set, providing custom portraits, visual effects, animations, a chat emoticon, a new portrait, and much more to those who find or purchase it. Purchasing the set before September 30th will provide the arcana set and all its gear in "Exalted" quality, potentially increasing its rarity even more further down the line.

A new "Bombastic Box" will also be introduced to the in-game store, a pack which features a Techies themed heads-up display, announcer pack, and a rocket-strapped courier in a Greevil costume.

That's far from all, however, as a huge variety of content not themed around Techies is also being added (shocking, I know). First up is "All Random Deathmatch", a new gamemode (which has been accessible in-game for a while thanks to a glitch) which has players spawn as a random hero every time they die, only keeping their level progression and purchased items.

A "Gallery of Triumphs" is also set to be introduced as a replacement for the long-dead achievements originally planned to be introduced back during Dota 2's beta. Completing certain objectives or criteria, such as finishing the Ten Hero Challenge or the Fantasy Dota League, will award players with trophies to proudly display on their Dota 2 profile. An impressive trophy will be given out for completing the new "All-Hero Challenge", which tasks players with winning a single Dota 2 match as every hero in the game, which is certainly quite the tall order.

Those with a 2014 compendium should be happy, as many of the remaining unreleased stretch goals will be added. These include the "Assured Victory Shout", a new system allowing you to predict the winner of each match prior to the start of a game, the "Squint and Laugh" taunt for the Techies, the "Battle Glory Kill Banner", which displays new visual effects alongside multi-kill banners, and, most interestingly, "The International 2014 Music Pack", an all-new set of in-game music composed by award-winning artist Chance Thomas. If you haven't already seen the preview of the new music, you seriously have to, even if you aren't a big fan of Dota.

Several other changes are also set to be introduced with The Techies Update once it ships sometime early next week. Sadly, this post has gone on long enough, so we're not going to detail them all here. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages to find out as soon as the update is released. The wait is nearly over.
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