Does anyone remember a mod something like this?


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Mar 24, 2014
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If I remember correctly, it all starts out in a van, and you're free to fool around before the game starts. Apparently you time travel back to the ice age or something, and you're able to shoot mammoths.

I know that sounds really vague and useless, but it's all I remember. I'm trying to do some research of a team of people who used the source engine to make free games. They had their own platform software, and they created various games, some who had themes including 'cops and robbers' and 'middle eastern conflicts'.

All I know about the time period is that it was propably created before 2010 or 2011, rough estimate.

Does anyone remember something like what I just described?

I've already searched and scoured the internet for potential information with tags and such, but I can't find anything useful. The only thing I found was this monstrosity called "Mammouth Party".