Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "Operation Bravo" Now Available


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May 29, 2007
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Following on from the "Operation Payback" community map pack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which ran from April 26th until August 31st, Valve have announced the second community pack, dubbed "Operation Bravo". Operation Bravo allows players to enjoy eight of the top rated Steam Workshop submitted custom maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on official low-latency Valve servers for a small fee of $5.99, or £3.49 if you're in the UK. A percentage of each sale will be distributed to the map creators in order to promote the community to create more high quality maps in a fashion similar to Team Fortress 2's map stamp system. Operation Bravo will be available from September 20th until January 20th, giving you four whole months to enjoy some of the best the community has to offer.

While all of these community maps can be downloaded and played from the Steam Workshop without a pass, Operation Bravo ensures that all servers running the maps are stable and are connected to the in-game matchmaking system. However, this pack also offers a brand new purchase incentive in the form of 31 new weapon skins for a variety of guns, over half of which can only be obtained by purchasing a pass, while the other 15 are available by purchasing a key for the brand new "Bravo Cases". The Bravo Cases will be available as a random drop for all users, but users with a Bravo Pass are far more likely to receive the new cases than those without. Unlike Operation Payback, the eight maps available with this pack can be played in the Competitive mode, as well as the previously available Casual and Deathmatch modes.

The eight available levels include Agency, Ali, Cache, Chinatown, Gwalior, Ruins, Siege, and Seaside, a popular map which returns from Operation Payback. Playing on any of the Bravo maps will award the player with a "Operation Bravo Coin" which, like the Payback Coin before it, will level up depending on how much time the user spends playing the custom maps on official servers. If you enjoy playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with friends, don't forget that an entire party of players can still enjoy the custom maps without a Bravo pass of their own, as long as the party leader owns one. Be sure to check out the Operation Bravo announcement page and the accompanying blog post if you want a closer look at the maps and the weapon skins available for purchase.



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