And now, another epic router non-fiction.


Dec 22, 2005
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Broadcom Wireless Adapter who was Lynksys wireless LAN card's brother was one day in a computer accessing the internets. When suddenly Broadcom got an email from his brother saying Lynksys had bad latency and needed help fast.
Broadcom wet on the Firefox to where admin people router BIOS, and got on the login screen. He jumped off the login screen and did a backflip and landed. Broadcom sat there and did nothing real fast.
Meanwhile, Lynksys LAN card also tried to wet on the multiple browsers into the router BIOS, but the zombie BIOS wouldn't die because he ddint have access!
The logon zombie just kept coming back again and again and linksys kept shooting the passwords in the eye but there was so many he just gave up and died.

To be continued...?

To clarify: I'm getting insane, seemingly timed lag spikes in games, I can't get into my router. Using my laptop and login info stored in Firefox, entering the login info once closes the login box and refers to a blank page that says "done". Using my desktop, even using the correct login, it asks me for it over and over and never stops.
I haven't tried resetting the thing yet.

Seriously, I cannot state this enough. If you are looking at a weet Linksys WRT54G, DO NOT GET IT.