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CSGO is one of the best multiplayer video games, attributing it to its popularity. It was recently promoted to a professional esport game. This decision changed the game, as esport betting grew immensely. In recent studies, it showed that over 11 million gamers stream the game and is certainly one of the games that are mostly played on Valve’s stream. These insane numbers reflected on the revenue that the game produces. CSGO is legit and licensed internationally. It has provided a platform where you can bet on odds and also allows betting on Counter-strike, where you can win real money after winning the bet.

How much money do CSGO’s top streamers make?

In counter-strike the richest of streamers on Twitch are boasted by the global offence. Over the years, it has provided a platform for some of the biggest earners to offset themselves to success. Recently, Twitch underwent an enormous data leak which contained details of close to 10000 streamers, when the site was made public. At that moment, everything on the site could be accessed. Even the mysterious restraint rules leaked. What shocked most people were the precise figures that Twitch streamers were earning.

A good number of people exposed were gamers of CSGO, with the figures ranging from 2,863,780.63 million dollars to 44,646.07 thousand dollars. This money was made from September 2019 to September 2021 as per the data collected in the Twitch leaks. A majority of the streamers admitted that most the leaked details were accurate. From the reports, the figures in this leak varied, but most people agreed that the figures covered the revenue earned from ads, subscriptions, and bits.

Some people still raised some questions, on whether the numbers collected were accurate since some streamers made high sums of money regardless of having low viewer counts. Some streamers have expressed mixed feelings regarding the Twitch leak, as they claimed the figures released were either too high, too low or were just right. Twitch confirmed the massive leak but did not comment on the accuracy of the numbers released.

Who is CSGO’s richest streamer?

Alexandre ‘gAuLes’ Borba was the one who was said to earn 2,844,985.18 million dollars in the Twitch leak over two years. He is the world’s biggest CSGO streamer and the highest top revenue earner. gAuLes is a 1.6 pro and a former counter-strike streamer who played the game in its developmental years. During his prime, he was part of g3nerationX, which was said to be one of the best teams in Brazil during that period. He was able to transition to become a coach after ending his career as a player.

He, however, eventually left the competition and now operates a non-English language channel, which is the biggest on Twitch. Despite him leaving the competition, he is still closely attached to Counter-Strike and involves playing the game and throwing certain events. It is quite unfortunate that he does not always positively use these platforms. It is alleged that he caused disorder at the Esports Club’s Simo ‘Leaf’ after he cheated, when he went against MIBR. The severity of the accusation made him apologize. Leaf received death threats weeks after their encounter.

Highest earners on CSGO streamers on Twitch

The Twitch leak also showed that Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar was technically the highest earner over the two years on the platform. He earned over 5,847,541.17 million dollars. ‘CSGO streamer’ is a term that is technically flexible as summit1g is a top earner representing the game. During the same time frame, he made twice as much money earned by gAuLes. According to the leak, he was considered the third most paid streamer on Twitch. Only Overwatch streamer Felix and Dungeons & dragons earned more. He is deemed as a variety streamer. Some fans also believe he is a former CSGO pro. Sumit1g is not the only person to gain a lot of interest from the leak, as gamers like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek registered high figures that would have challenged summit1g’s figures.

Money earned from buying CSGO keys

The highest earner from buying CSGO keys is Anomaly as per the leaks. This is over the last two years. CSGO has very devoted streamers like Anomaly is considered the best of them on Twitch. He also has a liked personality, since despite playing, he sets a lot of his broadcasting time decrypting CSGO cases. The leak did not show how much money he employs to generate the streams, it is because he deals with many cases in a single sitting. To be able to maintain his content he requires a lot of money.

Does geographical position influence how much money you get from Twitch?

After the Twitch leak, it is evident that streamers from different regions earned differently. With streamers from North America and Europe earning the most and a few South Americans and Asians being among the top earners. In places like Southeast Asia, there were no big earners. A perfect example is ‘s1mple’ a Russian who earned 64,082.68 thousand dollars and was ranked at no. 3,415 best earners. It is despite having a high viewership and regular streams in a Russian channel on Twitch. He is not alone as other streamers like Buster from the same region experience the same problem. It shows that your geographical position influences how much you earn on Twitch.