Technodrome: A TMNT Fan Site

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also known as TMNT, is one of the most popular comic book series of all time. Initially published in 1984 by the Mirage Studios, comic books became a great hit and inspired cartoon shows, video games, toys, and feature films too. There were a total of 6 movies made on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle inspired comics and the comics themselves ran for 30 years precisely. In 2014, the TMNT comics ended. Many independent vendors established TMNT-inspired online toy stores and developers published video games.

The series fame grew so much that fans set up online communities and forums for discussing various adaptations of it. From movies to how to play the TMNT inspired games, these communities have everything covered. Almost all TMNT communities live till today but Technodrome is one of the most popular fan sites of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Technodrome has a forum dedicated to TMNT fans called technodrome forum. The forum itself is immensely popular among TMNT fans worldwide. Its members feel proud of associating themselves with it.

All about Technodrome

Technodrome is a fan-based TMNT website that allows fans to create and share fan art. Created in 1999, the website hosts content from the villains’ point of view. The website regularly posts interactive and informative blog posts apart from holding contests for fans. Apart from these, the website holds polls too. Let’s take a look at each section and explore it in detail.

Technodrome’s information section consists of content like episodes list, voice casts, comics, toy reviews, and archives. Each of these is listed in detail. Additionally, this section also covers information about previous polls, bingo cards, and webrings.

The interactive section consists of our favorite Techondrome’s forums page. In order to gain access to this forum and reap its full rewards, fans need to register with the website. The registration is free of cost and allows members to participate in polls, accessing features like artboards and chat with other members via private message.

The multimedia and fan work section of the Technodrome website consists of content such as images, wallpapers, DVD/CD covers, soundtracks, fan art, fan fiction, and video clips.

Technodrome Forum

As mentioned before, entering the Technodrome forums requires fans to sign up for a membership. The membership is free of cost and comes with many benefits which include posting in the community and starting a thread. The forum’s content is organized into 6 categories. These include General Forums, What’s Going on, TMNT Fan creations, TMNT Merchandise, TMNT Universe and Announcement Forums. The TMNT universe section consists of general discussions, movie discussions, TMNT cartoon and comics’ discussions. Similarly, the merchandise section consists of discussions about toys, video games and buying and selling of merchandise. The announcement forum consists of 12 rules. These have been broken down into points for easier understanding so that fans could enter the site easily. These include:

  1. No bullying or harassment is allowed on the forums.
  2. No trolling is allowed. In case an argument starts between two members, it is recommended that they take it to their private messages or email and take it off the forums.
  3. In case the argument keeps ensuing between the members, the management and staff of Technodrome forums will stay out of it and bear no responsibility.
  4. Posting complaints about moderators or their decisions is prohibited on the forums. In case a member has an issue with the moderator or administrator, they are advised to take it to the private message or email.
  5. Thread titles and posts need to be in accordance with each other. Members are advised to post relevant content under a thread. They are also advised to not repeat the topics.
  6. The size of images allowed in a signature is 300 KB and dimension specifications are 250 pixels high and 550 pixels wide.
  7. Attaching irrelevant or repetitive images are prohibited on the Technodrome forums.
  8. Original cartoon bashing is not allowed at all.
  9. Members are advised to stay on topic when posting a comment or replying to a thread.
  10. Spamming of any kind is not allowed which includes but is not limited to cross-posting, double posting, etc.
  11. Swearing is not allowed.
  12. Posting weird links and obscene content is not allowed.
  13. One username per person is allowed.
  14. If a user wishes to change their username later then they need to inform Krang, one of the administrators.
  15. The forum issues two warnings before it bans a member for bad conduct.

How to Use the Forum

  1. Sign up/Register
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  3. Start posting or commenting.
  4. Keep the rules in mind.
  5. Do not break rules more than twice or else you will be banned.
  6. The forum consists of ranks according to the joining and posting status of fans
  7. The minimum number of posts is 4 to earn rank and the maximum number is 10,000.
  8. The rank titles include the following new recruit, mouser, random punk, thug, foot soldier, Hench mutant, stone warrior, mad scientist, foot elite, emperor and overlord.
  9. Rank image is displayed in the form of stars.
  10. The number of stars increases with the rank title.
  11. In case a warning is issued, one red box appears next to the fan’s profile.
  12. In case the second warning has also been issued, two orange boxes appear next to the fan’s profile.
  13. Members can post quotes or take part in polls.
  14. Members can private message each other.

Techodrome Forums is one of the most dedicated and oldest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ fansite. It is properly regulated and facilitates the purchase of TMNT merchandise. Technodrome forum is everything a TMNT fan could ask for. The latest posts are mentioned at the bottom of the page and full support is offered to new members. Technodrome website has done a fine job in maintaining the decorum of a forum consisting of thousands of fans.

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