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  1. lord_raken

    Serious problems with getting L4D2 working on my mac

    So I bought L4D2 a while ago but at the time my mac did not have the OS to run it. Since thing it has been listed as "Download paused" which is odd because it didn't download initially. So I finally got Snow Leopard and I go to resume updating but it won't do it. I try to use the play now to...
  2. lord_raken

    Killing Floor texture issues

    I just bought Killing Floor a few days ago and I am loving it. I do have some problems though. sometimes on certain maps the textures don't load properly. Often the streets on West London are a pearly while color. The same with the parking lot on the hospital map. The stairwell on the hospital...
  3. lord_raken

    We all know one

    Greetings Netters. Most of you who have been here long enough have taken part in or seen the religious debates that happen here. They are long, show up every couple months, and with only a few exceptions never get anywhere. I'm probably known as one of those superstitious nut jobs, but I...
  4. lord_raken

    Minecraft Beta 1.4

    Notch has begun releasing some information on the 1.4 Beta. Most of you already know there will be "pets", achievements, and stats (kill X many creepers ect). Here is the link and here is a video of the "pets" which turn out to be wolves! They follow you, will sit...
  5. lord_raken

    If I liked Amnesia, should I get Punumbra?

    The title says most of it, but I'd also like to know how they compare and what important things should I consider before getting it?
  6. lord_raken

    Looking for a good RPG, PvP, factions/nations server.

    I've seen some stuff on the Minecraft forums about PvP and faction servers. Does anyone know of any good ones? I'm looking for one that is relatively new and has room to grow and develop. I'd like a server that has rules to keep it from being a grief-fest. (can't destroy another factions city...
  7. lord_raken

    abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors

    No matter your stance, this is sickening. Before you jump to defend pro choice, this isn't what is going on. This is more that a bad doctor. Legally, (if convicted) this man has committed mass murder. If a viable baby is born alive, it has all the rights of a human being. Killing it...
  8. lord_raken

    Why do so many people want to make Minecraft into WOW?

    I've been spending some time on the get-satisfaction site the minecraft forums and there is a huge number of people who want to add "quests" "pets" and dungeons with boss monsters... is it just me or do these people sound like they want minecraft to become a WOW like MMORPG?
  9. lord_raken

    Server Rules

    As our server community grows. More and more people will be modifying the landscape and building structures. Over the course of the Forum discussions we have established general rules and etiquette. However Those new to the server may have missed these rules. (Such an event lead to the...
  10. lord_raken

    Homefront I love the idea of putting the player in a position where the enemies aren't just targets and the battle isn't some arbitrary struggle for victory.
  11. lord_raken

    Halloween Lag

    Ever since the Halloween pack update TF2 has been running with insane amounts of lag. I have no idea what's Going on. Does anyone have a similar problem or have suggestions to fix it? I'm on a mac FYI.
  12. lord_raken Minecraft Server Preservation Board

    In light of the most regrettable and thoughtless defacement of the wonderful Lava Falls, I have started this thread as a way for HL2 netters to definitively set aside areas of the Minecraft server world to preserve their unique nature. I propose several designations: Building density...
  13. lord_raken

    Skin Editor issue

    hey. I downloaded a skin editor from here I made some cool skins but now I don't know how to upload/insert them into minecraft. How do I do this? Info: I'm on a mac, and use painterly.
  14. lord_raken

    Mac OSX update issue

    I tried to boot up L4D2 and I get this message saying I need Snowlepard 10.6... something but I have 10.8.4 (or something) But my auto update hasn't upgraded it yet. How do I solve this?
  15. lord_raken

    Texture Packs

    I'm looking at the painterly pack but I don't know what combination of textures I want. In your opinions what are the best combinations? If you have pictures of the various texture options (preferably in an in game construction so I know what they look like together) so I can compare that...
  16. lord_raken

    Launching Issue on a Mac

    So, I'm trying to play TF2. I launch TF2 and I get the Valve screen and the source screen. Then the screen goes black and the rainbow wheel appears. After a few seconds it goes back to my desktop with a message saying the TF2 has unexpectedly quit. I verified my cash but I don't know what...
  17. lord_raken

    Steam Help

    Ok. So I'm trying to download some maps for TTT and I'm at the Gmod site and there is an option to sign in with my steam ID. Only issue is I can't remember my password since its been so lone (Steam auto signs in). So I go to the support page on Steamworks and select the lost password option...
  18. lord_raken

    Starcraft 2: Multiplayer

    I finished the campaign and have moved on to multiplayer. Since then I have had my ass kicked around quite a bit. Ever person I play against seems to be able to build up an army faster than I can. obviously I'm doing something wrong. So I started this thread so people could share and discuss...
  19. lord_raken

    TF2 needs "Beta" Steam to find servers

    I'm running off of a Mac. I start up TF2 and select "Start playing" and the server window pops up and tells me that I need to be running Steam Beta to find servers. What is going on? It worked fine last time and there have only been the regular updates since.
  20. lord_raken

    Mac Book Pro heat control

    Does anyone know some ways to help control or reduce the heat of a Mac Book Pro? I'm anticipating Steam being released on Mac but I'm worried about the heat from gaming damaging or shortening the life of my laptop. Any suggestions?