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    UK Students Punished for Not Praying to Allah

    Hmmmmmm... Now you mention it, I remember everyone having prayers at the end of assembly in primary school, back when I was young and ignorant. But in secondary school, no such thing. I remember RE classes being a complete doss.
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    Lamar=Half-Life's Kenny?

    1 thing I do not get is how she did not get shot by a member of the resistance while at White forest. Does she have some sort of easily recognisable mark or something? If I was walking along and I saw lamar crawling down the corridor, I would empty a magazine into it.
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    alternative to death penalty?

    I look at it from the perspective that I wouldn't give out any punishment that I couldn't take. Death is one of them. I have to agree with Raziaar. That sort of approach would at least stem the inmates from affecting the outside world. But it would prove to be expensive.
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    UK Students Punished for Not Praying to Allah

    Why do you say that? LOL Harsh but I agree :P
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    UK Students Punished for Not Praying to Allah

    I would not be at all surprised if this is true. I find it disgusting. Teaching pupils about another religion is all well and good but forcing them to part take in some sort of praying exercise is retarded. The teacher (if this is true) should be suspended and barred from being in any teaching...
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    Forget Swine Flu... we now have Walking Goo!

    All without the need for power!
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    The Boeing Buzz-over Blunder

    I guess common sense aint so common after all :/
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    Your Recent Purchases

    Looks like sweet and sour pork to me.
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    Forget Swine Flu... we now have Walking Goo!

    OMG think of the possibilities!!! Motion without the need for power!
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    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread
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    Your Recent Purchases

    Its the thought that counts right?
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    How did this go from a thread about Gurkhas to about equality in the work place? Anyway, we've let loads of leeches and scumbags into the country, so why not a bunch of retired men who were willing to die for us?
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    Plan to monitor all internet use

    Me no likey this.
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    Moon - Trailer

    Looks like a hash of sunshine and Alien. Oh Goodie!!!!
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    Tough Choice

    So your parents haven't entertained the idea that you might want to be a gigolo?
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    Galaxy's centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum, say astronomers

    I think you'd be dead before the taste registers with your brain. :P
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    "Swine Flu" appears, quickly spreads to US.

    I heard on the news that the only deaths associated with this virus are in Mexico.
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    Half Life 2 Elevator Bug -- HELP!!!

    I'm running the game on the same OS as you. The save/load method worked for me every time that happened, not just with Alyx. I recommend you try it again. Good Luck!
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    Sexy wut

    HOLY SHIT! Its Jade Goody back from the dead! I knew it was all an April Fools day prank! Also about Mayby. Sexiest? No way.