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  1. AciD

    Introducing The TF2 Bots

    They are pretty good. People say they can play Gravel pit after generating .navs Medics heal, they hold points, they cap points. I could swear it's better than a real game ;)
  2. AciD

    We Are Up, Time To Win

    Been watching L4D2 vids. It rock the socks.
  3. AciD

    Day 3 Sniper Update: The Razorback

    It's visible, it takes SMG away.
  4. AciD

    Day 3 Sniper Update: The Razorback

    It hurts Spies and temporally disables their ability to backstab. After it saves you and shocks Spy it explodes. It doesn't need to be equipped to work. Just pick it in loadout and pwn some Spies.
  5. AciD

    Day 3 Sniper Update: The Razorback

    Third day brings us information about next unlockable for Sniper ? The Razorback. Razorback can save Sniper from single backstab but it explodes after it saves player. Downside of The Razorback is that it slows Sniper down, in addition it removes SMG. [br]<div align="center"></div> You can...
  6. AciD

    The Sniper Update — Part One

    First unlockable for Sniper has been revealed ? it's The Huntsman. It's a long bow that will allow us to pin other players to walls. The Sniper Update will not be different than other class updates, it will contain a new map, new achievements and more maps for us to play. All that good stuff is...
  7. AciD

    Crash Loading save/new game HL2

    Hm. Is your Vista 64 bit version? Try Verifying GCF Cache Files.
  8. AciD

    Problem installing Steam!!

    Take a look at this FAQ: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
  9. AciD

    Weekend Deal: 66% Off The Orange Box

    This weekend you can buy The Orange Box 66% off standard price. Unbelievable deal for ?5.66 | $9.99 | 9.99? [br]<div align="center"></div> You can visit The Orange Box store page here.
  10. AciD

    Steam Client Beta Available

    A new beta for Steam client is available. To access it go to File&gt;Settings, and on Account tab pick Change... button. From drop down menu pick Steam Client Candidate. [br]List of changes: Fixed clients in chat rooms getting into 'ghost chats' if they disconnect and reconnect from the...
  11. AciD

    Error in anticitizen?

    Could you post a screenshot?
  12. AciD

    HL1 Gonarch's Lair big problem

    Do you have a save that is before this map? Have you tried Verifying GCF Cache Files?
  13. AciD

    Admin help possibly?

    Are there any configs provided with soccer mod? Have you checked readme?
  14. AciD

    Will region-specific games still work when I move regions?

    That is not correct. If you purchase CS:S in Russia you won't be able to play it outside Russia. And so on. In regions where games are way cheaper there are regional restrictions.
  15. AciD

    Will region-specific games still work when I move regions?

    Contact Steam Support and tell them about your plans. Otherwise your credit card might get region locked.,
  16. AciD

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  17. AciD

    Oh no! SPUF stalkers on my profile!

    Oh no! SPUF stalkers on my profile!
  18. AciD

    The Escapist: Tournament

    Is seems that they *somehow* find new users to vote. Look at other devs that they won with...
  19. AciD

    The Escapist: Tournament

    Register and vote for Valve.
  20. AciD

    The Escapist: Tournament

    Okey. It is going to be simple. Register and vote for Valve. You can check results here. We can't let some minor crap-developer beat Valve!