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  1. bliink

    Use WALKTHROUGH before making threads.

    Found here: Check there before you ask for help playing. I demand it of you!!
  2. bliink

    Jack Thompson being investigated Apparently, the people from Penny Arcade have sent a whole bunch of stuff to the Florida Bar Assoc. and have caused an investigation of Jack Thompson.. maybe he will end up disbarred?
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    Attention: No "garryporn"

    It's been discussed multiple times here on the forum and, due to the recent increase, I'm making it clear that there is to be no garrysmod pictures that involve characters having sex with each other. EG, so called "garryporn". Argument: "But you allow pictures of killing! sex is loving! whats...
  4. bliink

    IT Destruction!

    Today I smashed a server. I dropped it out a 5th floor window into an empty carpark. :D Smashing computer/electrical equipment is great fun.. little bits of case/wires/diodes fly everywhere, and afterwards, you can go and kick the wreckage. What computer/electrical stuff have YOU people...
  5. bliink

    DOD: S Will have new models

    Taken from and interview at The Gathering Hopefully that will answer alot of confusion people had over what degree of updating they'd be doing on DOD: S :)
  6. bliink

    Urban Exploration

    Has anyone heard of, or tried a bit of "Urban Exploration"? Got any stories to share? Basically, for those who dont know, it involves finding and then exploring places like steam tunnels, abandoned buildings/bunkers/factories etc as well as maintinance areas for large structures. (usually...
  7. bliink

    Guard killed,10117,12480224-2,00.html Yikes. Really makes you think about the kind of people who are out there. I used to work in that industry and it makes me shiver reading about stuff like that.
  8. bliink

    Japanese Moon base I think its a crazy idea, but I'd still like to see it done. A mars base would be cooler, and they could start digging, maybe they'd find relics and stuff that would.. oh.. wait.. yeah, lets just keep to our friendly little moon for...
  9. bliink

    How *not* to mod a console Quite a funny event, read the first few posts. Kinda feel sorry for the guy hehe. EDIT: Has anyone got any stories of their own encounters with hardware related stupidity they might grace the forum with? :)
  10. bliink

    Fave. Season

    Whats your favourite season and why? Mine's autumn, its all "getting cold" and everythings changing, and everything looks cool, even the way the sky ends up grey and windy.. but it beats winter, because its basically a shorter version of it, and it avoids many of the problems that set in...
  11. bliink

    Firefox? IE? Opera? Wtf mate? Finally some proper tests have been done. Seems Opera is a good choice, FF is increasing in speed with each release, IE is decreasing, and that there can be a lot of text used to describe a browser speed test!
  12. bliink

    Lack of education

    culled from /. Article it links to is: Now, theres a real problem; as I've said before with that damn extract from Alexander Taylor's 1770 book "The cycle of democracy" Apathy and a general dulling of the...
  13. bliink

    Steam Outage (stop making threads and read me!)

    Yes, currently, there is a steam outage that is affecting large numbers of people. Its received a fair bit of attention and will be fixed ASAP by valve. Apparently, one of the master servers is down, and all accounts tied to it will not work. So be calm, and stop with all the panic-posting!
  14. bliink

    The Political compass

    Some of you may have heard of The Political Compass before, and its a very interesting site that gauges your political stance, its pretty informative and interesting to read over too, and the results can be both enlightening and surprising (especially when you can end up compared to Hitler lol)...
  15. bliink

    Suspect terrorists go away for good ok, so is the US basically saying; "we dont have enough evidence to legally convict you of anything, so we'll lock you up forever instead"? what happened to speedy trials and statutes of limitation? I probably wont argue in this...
  16. bliink

    Couldn't live without...

    What couldnt you live without? (wait for poll) It's a little macabre, but for what would you rather die than lose?
  17. bliink

    'Proof of concept reel'

    Anyone else read about the 2002 proof of concept reel for hl2?? I wonder if theres a way to get our hands on it!! That would be seriously cool to watch in all its hl1/2 fusion-ness :p
  18. bliink

    Time running out FAST

    inspired by the 6 months left in life thread.. what would you do if you suddenly figured out you had 1 day? " 10 minutes?
  19. bliink

    Armed forces?

    Would you join the armed forces of your country if it was engaged in a war/conflict? A real war (i.e not like Iraq, think a developed country declares war) If your country was invaded/under real threat of invasion? In short, what would have to happen to make you join? or why would you not...
  20. bliink

    The better noise.

    Which noise sounds better? The health station noise or the HEV charger station? Personally, I like the HEV, you hear it less, and so it sounds sweeter when you use it :cheers: