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  1. Fatikis

    Artifact Dota2 Card Game

    Looks like ValveTime site is dead. Can't believe I didn't see this here.
  2. Fatikis

    Eric Wolpaw Penny Arcade

    Eric Wolpaw posted here. You may find it interesting. Not really HL news but general Valve stuff.
  3. Fatikis

    New Half Life Community Event

    Valve still has yet to acknowledge us. In light of recent interviews with Gaben it seems like Half Life is looking less and less likely. I think we need to take action. I know it has never worked in the past, but we need to do something to save our beloved franchise. I know many have frowned...
  4. Fatikis

    HL Water Bottles

    So, I was thinking it would be awesome to have a HL water bottle. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem. No one seems to sell a HL water bottle. Does anyone perhaps know of a place that does? Or anywhere that lets you buy a single custom water bottle. Everywhere I've seen makes you order...