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  1. 2Fast4U

    CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline - "where time slows down."
  2. 2Fast4U

    My friend wants HL2....

    It's 7€. You can get that by begging on the street.
  3. 2Fast4U

    That's no moon!

    Yeah, what makes you think that? It's like you have Brain Damage...
  4. 2Fast4U

    What "one sentence" websites do you like? amazing.
  5. 2Fast4U

    Maybe ... Half-Life 3?

    You guys must have been drinking water, you shouldn't do that.
  6. 2Fast4U

    Sony bans PS3 pirates, pirates unban themselves.

    Doesn't this mean that online cheaters can unban themselves too?
  7. 2Fast4U

    Original Half Life

    I'm sure these ar on high by default..
  8. 2Fast4U

    Half-Life 2: Lighting problem

    Try typing sv_cheats 1 first.
  9. 2Fast4U

    Cheater stabbed in brain over wallhack

    There are some sick news on that website.
  10. 2Fast4U

    New RDR gameplay looks f*cking beautiful

    Looks great. I need to get my damn xbox fixed...
  11. 2Fast4U

    Half-Life Poster

    Why does the poster depict G-man if you quote Nihilanth? Other than that it looks kinda cool, but the font would work better for a rock band concert poster rather than HL2 fanart.
  12. 2Fast4U

    I made a trailer for Half-Life 2

    Every time I see this trailer it makes me want to play hl2 again. It's very old though, you didn't make it and you are full of shit, so shame on you.
  13. 2Fast4U

    Merry Christmas from & The Midnight Riders

    Marry ****ing christmas everyone :D
  14. 2Fast4U

    Possible New Assistants For Gordon Freeman

    :laugh: Why so butt hurt? It's not like I've ruined a quality thread.
  15. 2Fast4U

    Possible New Assistants For Gordon Freeman

  16. 2Fast4U

    Just got caught in the act

    Take note, mods. Competitions do not attract new members, masturbation threads do!
  17. 2Fast4U

    I may have discovered the best sleep cycle change

    I love having no school and working at home with no definite work hours. Sleeping whenever you're tired, day or night, for teh win.
  18. 2Fast4U

    Halo copied Half Life

    Yes, Halo is definitely a copy of Half-life. I wanted to play some Halo the other day and turned on Half-life by mistake, didn't even notice until like third level.
  19. 2Fast4U

    Friday Giveaway - Twin Sector

    I would dream I'm walking around an abandoned test chambers with a wormhole opening device, sloving puzzles by shooting multi colored portals at walls while a deranged AI is talking to me and cracking jokes. I also befriend a cube at some point.