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  1. MicroB

    Weirded out

    Weirded out
  2. MicroB

    Should i get Cs:Go?

    Great choice, have fun!
  3. MicroB

    Should i get Cs:Go?

    Trust me, it will never go under $6,99, not in 10 million years, besides you could always refund it.
  4. MicroB

    Bethsoft's Fallout's (4?) website!!

    Amazing! Thanks for the tip!
  5. MicroB

    Guys we need Lord Gaben In Smash Bros

    Unlikely for that, GabeN is luckily a real person, vote for Gordon Freeman instead, he will get his crowbar in his enemies skulls ;)
  6. MicroB

    Valve Is Not Psyched They Got An 'F' In Customer Service

    They did an extremely good job the last few years. ;)
  7. MicroB

    Will Valve keep the little things about Source?

    I totally agree, but that UI was ancient (quake era) and they imrpoved the tools a lot and made the layout more logical.
  8. MicroB

    Will Valve keep the little things about Source?

    You know they have totally redone the hammer UI, and you don't have to re-learn everything. It looks very user-friendly, and that was their goal for Source 2.
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    Project:Blue Room

    What type of mod is it?
  10. MicroB

    Half-life 3 : Unannounced (Video)

    Dude, you're so deep, I can't see you anymore. On the other hand, HL3 is referenced in the latest Dota 2 update; not much more people will pass away without playing it hopefully.
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    Half-life 3 : Unannounced (Video)

    Is that supposed to be Freeman?
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    Best Game Soundtracks 2014

    Although my favorite soundtrack isn't officially released, mine is BattleBlock Theater's. Just pure awesomeness...
  13. MicroB

    sooo any of you played half-life????

    I'm playing it right now, even though the graphics aren't top-notch nowadays, it is still a fantastic game in this day and age. I love every ascpect of the game and you should really play it, as it only costs a couple bucks in a sale.