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  1. marksmanHL2 :)

    Zombie Master Beta 1.1.0 released

    Good update! :) Everyone should check out this mod, its getting more and more popular with every update. Plus the community is extremely active for its size, just check out the custom content section of their forums!!! :D
  2. marksmanHL2 :)

    Zombie Master Beta 1.0.2 Patch Released

    Awesome, Couldnt be happier! I'm making a map btw AL. I shall inform you when its done, :shh:
  3. marksmanHL2 :)

    Shake your left leg and call me charlie

    Whoop! Remember me?! :P Nah, thought not... rawr. :thumbs:
  4. marksmanHL2 :)

    I got a new bike!

    I know a guy with a aprilia rs1000 My god that thing moves... I think its something like 0 - 60 in less than 3 seconds lol... Crazy mofos...
  5. marksmanHL2 :)

    Top Gear in Alabama

    Most of top gear is faked. Wouldnt be supprised if that was too. Doesnt stop it being funny :P
  6. marksmanHL2 :)

    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Only for the Weak - In Flames :)
  7. marksmanHL2 :)

    Black Mesa - Upcoming Mod of the Year!

    Awesome. :)
  8. marksmanHL2 :)

    Holy Hell. Any martial artists here?

    I think its safe to say that its very hard to make judgements on his actual full contact self defence ability from the vid. Alot of it is rather pointless showing off sure... but i wouldnt wana ever have to fight him out of a competition. :)
  9. marksmanHL2 :)

    Holy Hell. Any martial artists here?

    Well in kickboxing and muay thai I was taught that if anyone was doing large circular kicks then I should rush in with close quarter attacks; punches, knees, elbos, sweeps etc. Which seems kinda logical and has worked for me plenty when i've dared :p I think if he came at me like that i'd...
  10. marksmanHL2 :)

    Holy Hell. Any martial artists here?

    Thats one nice capoeira vid there. Likes it. I think it says capoeira in the title because he does seem to use some of their style of kicks. ie. very circular and sweeping. Reminds me more of capoeira than tai kwon do because tkd is much more direct and linear. And yeah lol, he does seem to...
  11. marksmanHL2 :)

    The joke thread!

    Hehe, I know that one from a birthday card I got someone recently :)
  12. marksmanHL2 :)

    Holy Hell. Any martial artists here?

    Some interesting comments here! :) I'd like to point out that its not just basic kickboxing hes doing. Hes quite obviously cross trained in tai kwon do and capoeira and purhaps more. Hes also a points fighter, not full contact. Not sure how well he would do in full contact.. And yes, hes...
  13. marksmanHL2 :)

    Holy Hell. Any martial artists here?

    Take a Look at this guy. One pretty impresive dude. I mean alot of its just showing off but damn..
  14. marksmanHL2 :)

    Stand Up Comedy!

    Bill Bailey Wins. :D Dylan moran is a genious but that video doesnt show him off at his best in my opinion. Still funny. :)
  15. marksmanHL2 :)

    For all you stressed folks out there...

    I likes it. :)
  16. marksmanHL2 :)

    the "Facts About Iran" Thread

    A good start :p
  17. marksmanHL2 :)

    What do you think is your biggest character flaw?

    I have NO self confidence. I hate NO self belief. I dont know what i intend to do with the rest of my life... Other than that, i'm set!!!! :D I suck.
  18. marksmanHL2 :)

    Natural Selection 2: dynamic infestation video preview!

    The coding involved is definatly very impressive. (In my eyes... not that i'm a particulaly good coder lol.)
  19. marksmanHL2 :)

    Who do you admire?

    I have a couple of friends I admire one hell of alot more than any celebrity I could name..