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  1. Tony

    Which Gman is creepier?

    TBH, I had trouble noticing him in Half Life 1. He blended in well with the dark, blurry textured corridors of Black Mesa. The abuse he's taken in GMOD has also taken away a bit of his creepiness factor.
  2. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    Anyways, anybody know which side missions are timed, and which ones aren't? I'm getting all paranoid, and racing around the galaxy trying to do them immediately as they pop up. Some of the humorous ones actually turned out to be pretty damn important.
  3. Tony

    So are these literally the final hours of
  4. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    Launch Trailer
  5. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    Might be for gameplay-balance reasons. I think I read somewhere that Shepard can dish out much more damage that his squad mates.
  6. Tony

    Upgrade to - Planned Down Time

    So what happens if Valve starts releasing finished products on their scheduled dates, and the term "Valve Time" becomes a thing for only the oldest of fans to look back upon nostalgically? Well that's my case for
  7. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    A lot of the previews mention doing everything in order to get the best ending. So it would it would be counterproductive to put you on a time limit.
  8. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    They've actually sort of went that way ME3 already. It was announced a while ago that there are DLC codes that would shipped with ME action figures, ME themed Razer products, etc. I think someone did the math, and determined you'd be out a couple hundred bucks if you wanted everything. I don't...
  9. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    Bioware's response to the Day 1 DLC dilemma: Still doesn't justify the price tag for me. It doesn't seem to have any more content than the free...
  10. Tony

    Digital Spy: Best Video Game Ending Results

    What was so great about Portal's ending? It was just Chell passing out. Unless we're also including the awesome fight with GLADOS before that.
  11. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    It looks just fine.
  12. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    On top of that, I also noticed a lot of recycled ME2 animations during the cut scenes. Not really a game breaker, but it's always something that irked me in ME and Human Revolution.
  13. Tony

    Vote for Half-Life 2: Episode 2

    BLOPS ending was the best because it meant you didn't have to play it anymore :P Right??? RIGHT??!!!!
  14. Tony

    Fan art - Gabe Newell in Half-Life 3

    Almost had me when the site loaded up, and the first words I read were "Gabe Newell" "Half-Life 3".
  15. Tony

    Welp, the Syndicate reboot is probably an FPS.

    This. Starbreeze has made some of the best single player FPS's in the last decade IMO. Though their multiplayer track record is another story...
  16. Tony

    "A Call for Communication's" Red Letter Day

    Like it or not, this is the only Half-Life related event going on these days. Episode 2 almost feels nostalgic because it's been so long.
  17. Tony

    Mass Effect 3

    Multiplayer is another way to get "war assets" or whatever they've been calling it. Shepard gets them in single player by winning over the various species and factions through story missions. So if your Shepard is a terrible diplomat, just play a few rounds of multiplayer.
  18. Tony

    Resident Evil 6 trailer is out!

    It was considered one of the pioneers of the camera-over-the-shoulder thing. It was also a major improvement over the awkward controls and camera that had been apart of every Resident Evil before it. But yes, looking back it played a little clumsy especially when you compare it to modern games.
  19. Tony

    '1999 Mode' announced for Bioshock Infinite

    Why not go all the way with 1999 mode, and make hitscan enemies that can track you through walls?
  20. Tony

    Resident Evil 6 trailer is out!

    Completely lost interest after RE5. Mostly because of it either forcing you to play co-op or be stuck with the worst AI partner in gaming history. The action-heavy, cover-based levels were another low point for the series as well.