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  1. Betelgeuze

    "Freeman's not done" - Lombardi

    lol who knows, just like they call this l4D expantion l4D2 they might call Hl2:ep3 HL3 and sell it as a full game...:rolleyes:
  2. Betelgeuze

    Gabe to talk at DICE 2009

    and portal2
  3. Betelgeuze

    Black Mesa:Source question

    Indeed it is because thats my point!
  4. Betelgeuze

    Black Mesa:Source question

    That doesn't make it better. If they jump off a bridge, do you jump too? So to answer your great question; Im not happy! Try harder please!
  5. Betelgeuze

    Black Mesa:Source question

    Yeah because we all know that correct English on an game forum is the most important thing in the world and worth going off-topic about. Big YAY for native English speakers for feeling so important being good at their own language. Im sure you feel very smart now! Post eens op een Nederlands...
  6. Betelgeuze

    Zeno Clash Coming to Steam (On Source Engine)

    I hope you are being sarcastic!
  7. Betelgeuze

    Portal Gun IRL

    Im sure Valve will ask this guy to make one for them too, they always d that.
  8. Betelgeuze

    Insurgency News Update

    huh, why?
  9. Betelgeuze

    Valve Are Aware of the Europe Prices Issue

    months.... wtf
  10. Betelgeuze

    Dude, Where's My Thumb? - Valve's Left 4 Dead Contest

    Mainland europe? Oh right, we don't count(as always), we are only biggest game market in the world now...
  11. Betelgeuze

    New Payload - Badwater Basin

    lol the spy in screen2
  12. Betelgeuze

    A Heavy Update

    would have been nice if they used the tf blog to announce every new part instead of making another website, but cool anyway!
  13. Betelgeuze

    TF2 And New Map Environments

    It looks like a thunderbird thing, with hidden rockets and vehicles and stuff
  14. Betelgeuze

    TF2 And New Map Environments

    It's about time!
  15. Betelgeuze

    MaximumPC Reveals 4 New Screenshots

    Source is starting to look old, even with all the update they do.
  16. Betelgeuze

    The Axtinguisher is Coming

    I dont think I would use it either, not an axe guy
  17. Betelgeuze

    Pyro Unlockables Will be Next

    my favo class too but I agree he should do more dmg.
  18. Betelgeuze

    Gold Rush Update is Now Available

    The achievements are a little too hard imo, some are more about having luck than skill and some are just very frustrating and work against the gameplay(teamplay). I dont think Im a bad player, but the way they are now Im never going to get the new weapons.
  19. Betelgeuze

    Portal 2 - "Won't be more of the same"

    but...but I want more of the same!
  20. Betelgeuze

    No Portal This Year - Lombardi

    Yeah I agree, most of the time its worth the wait. Just sad we sometimes wait years for a game only to finish it in a couple of hours once its released, thinking about how you have to wait again for a couple of years for the next release.