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    "Freeman's not done" - Lombardi

    Who cares about L4D2? Everyone was expecting episode 3 information and all we get is a stupid "when its done" comment. Show us a video , or even a screenshot already!!
  2. Z Updates from Valve's Presentation at E3

    still no news on episode 3?? WTF valve. Who cares about left 4 dead 2, give us episode 3 already it's been almost 2 years
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    2009 - no EP3 info!

    I could see if the reason it was taking so long was a lot of upgrades to the source engine, but if this turns out to be just a 5 hour game with some new maps and sounds then I'd like to see valve's explanation for the delay. (let's keep in mind Ep2 came out in 2007)
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    2009 - no EP3 info!

    Coming up on june here, haven't heard a word about episode 3....
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    Canadian soldier killed, 4 wounded in Afghanistan

    Yes..those ****ing idiots shoot at/bomb the soldiers trying to stop the terrorists, and somehow this is the fault of "the man".
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    ever got too emotional due to a game?

    Maybe FF7 when it came out, on aeris' death..but I was like 9 at the time...hell, ok I'll admit it I cry my ****ing eyes out just thinking about it right now!!
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    Guys, I've got a huge problem...

    You have to read posts and news articles from bottom to top on april fools lol
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    Missing Persons

    Maybe if you had a kid you'd understand and be worried if you hadn't seen them in a few days. Also let me express my condolences that you had to walk through a "white upper middle class infested shithole" and see such things as concerned parents looking for their missing children.
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    Record your St.Patricks day antics here

    He must not be aware of the new law that allows people to ignore traffic laws when sales are going on at Kohls.
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    How Old Are You Maggots

    19 (my birthdays in september)
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    is it right to seduce a less attractive woman into having sex?

    I guess I have low standards compared to the rest of you guys cause I'd hit it. lol
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    I'm close to tears... RIP bvasgm

    Dude no way...he was a pretty cool guy, I remember a lot of his posts. RIP bro :(
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    Post your latest music tracks/WIP's and comment! I think I might have posted one of them here a while ago, but there's a couple on here now...quality's not amazing but they're just "demos" basically..I play the drums on all of them.
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    2009 - no EP3 info!

    It's march and nothing. Who didn't see this coming? lol
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    is it right to seduce a less attractive woman into having sex?

    Wait a 7 is lowering your standards? sounds a little bit too picky this thread is useless without pics.
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    Obama okays 17,000 new troops to Afghanistan

    People seem to think that Afghanistan = Iraq, I think. Afghanistan's the only place our troops should have been in the first place, we had no business going into Iraq and ****ing everything up, but that's a discussion that's been beaten to death for about 5 years now.
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    How old were you told your password was?

    It was about 1440 days or something, I changed it a couple of years ago (and just a few days ago because of the idiot hacker)
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    Best friend is sleeping with ex-girlfriend

    Wow, love the internet tough guy stuff "I'd punch him in the face" etc. sure you would, lol. Sorry that it's hard on you OP, but she's not your gf now, she's fair game as others have already said, and contrary to what some people are saying here, there's no reason she should be "off-limits" to...
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    Why is it taking so long?

    I can't believe how long it's taking personally. It's been well over a year since ep2 was released and we haven't even HEARD jack shit about episode 3. It makes me wonder how they can even call this stuff episodic. I'm sure some people are gonna jump on my case about how valve should take...
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    It's been a long five years...

    It was early 2003, and the news about hl2 was just starting to come out. Needless to say as a huge HL fan I was beyond excited and searched for half life 2. I found this site, was the first half life 2 dedicated fan site I found and I decided to join. And I've been here ever since, in a few...