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  1. Kaptain H

    So apparently Rage is out tomorrow.

    If you like working in a morgue. Inside a library. With all the shades drawn. Alternately, John Romero's mom's basement.
  2. Kaptain H

    So apparently Rage is out tomorrow.

    No, they'd send out e-mails yelling at people for "laughing too loud" in the break room and that the snacks were not a buffet.
  3. Kaptain H

    How I picture all of ye

    Whao! These all belong in a museum. I'm honored that you drew me too despite utter flakiness in being here, you got the shading on my upper lip perfect. Also I loled in the real world when I saw the Jintor one.
  4. Kaptain H

    Borderlands 2

    Make that two people. Needless to say, we do pay attention to feedback the community gives about the game.
  5. Kaptain H

    Chinese Fortress 2

    I never trusted that "Ribin Walker" guy. Aw shit. I was hoping my brain wouldn't make that connection.
  6. Kaptain H

    Half Life 2 Etching

    That's really cool, but damn. My old next door neighbor was a chemistry professor something, and screwed up his hands with that so bad that he couldn't play the piano anymore (and gave me his book of Beethoven sonatas lol). Be careful around that stuff!
  7. Kaptain H

    Chinese Fortress 2

    Wow, those weapons look exactly the same. Even the texturing style on environment stuff is ripped straight from TF2. Only it has that crappy screamy slapstick humor that Asia likes so much. This makes me feel that kind of uncomfortable embarrassment that you sometimes feel when someone else...
  8. Kaptain H

    Lulzsec does it for the lols

    Internet scum who cause disruption and disorder where they can. They're the most worthless types, whether they have a cause or not makes no difference to me. Vigilantism is unacceptable. Unless it's the A-Team.
  9. Kaptain H

    How to augment your body [do it yourself]

    Oh no, lol. Nerve block before wrist surgery. Would do again, very tingly, but seemed to help. I would only subject myself to implants that had some measurable benefit to my life or repaired a damaged part.
  10. Kaptain H

    How to augment your body [do it yourself]

    I had something like that done the other day. It made my arm go into seizures and then paralyzed/numb for 3 days, was interesting.
  11. Kaptain H

    New Episodes of Old Nickelodeon Shows.

    Aw man, those listed are all of the lame shows. I only watched Doug because I didn't have the internet to entertain me instead. The only Nickelodeon cartoon I'd have a vague interest in seeing more of is Rocko's Modern Life. And if they were to say they were making more Eek the Cat, that...
  12. Kaptain H

    Yeah, it seems that way at least. Thanks for asking. I haven't heard anything from Zenimax...

    Yeah, it seems that way at least. Thanks for asking. I haven't heard anything from Zenimax since that first letter, so hopefully they gave up pursuing it after my lawyer's response to them. I had support from Valve and from Gearbox too, so I think it would have been a pretty big nightmare for...
  13. Kaptain H

    abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors

    Really ghastly. It makes me wonder what kind of alternatives those patients had if they ended up even setting foot in a clinic like that. Stories like this are what unsettle me about what would happen to the practice if abortion became illegal and only dubious crazy people are willing to...
  14. Kaptain H

    Woman sues mall after falling in fountain while texting; video inside

    Holy shit, the Berkshire Mall in Reading, PA. I used to go there with my sister all the time when I was in college. I had all of my hair break off at one of the hair salons there once when the stylist left the color in for too long. Was pretty traumatizing, but I never contemplated suing.
  15. Kaptain H

    Games of your Chilhood

    Hmm. My first games were Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. up at my cousins' house when I was 1st or 2nd grade. Then we got a PC in 1990 and my most memorable game was probably Commander Keen. My most played console was the Sega Genesis, which I got for Christmas in 5th grade. Some of my...
  16. Kaptain H

    Sisters serving two life sentences can go free if one gives the other a kidney.

    Yeah, I was waiting for the part where they killed somebody.
  17. Kaptain H

    All 250,000 Wikileaks documents leaked in Norway

    I applaud your efforts, VirusType.
  18. Kaptain H

    Want to be Interviewed?

    I have two good friends who are professional level designers and have done mod work with Source in the past and I'm sure they'd like to talk about their work and experiences, would it be okay if I passed along this info to them?
  19. Kaptain H

    TF2 keeps crashing.

    Weird, same for me. As of today, every game crashes within about 3 minutes. Lame. Edit: Wait, no, it was just because I had some UI/HUD files still up from mod testing because I'm mentally retarded. Try removing any mod stuff you may be using.
  20. Kaptain H

    Art stuff

    I'm trying to finish up my female tf2 spy mod and get that released to the community as soon as possible. It still needs specularity, normal maps and some color adjustments (boots and buttons, ugh). But I'm ready to rig it get some in-game testing and better shots. Also...