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  1. pvtbones

    the cats are introduced and integrated well (even the two whole don't like each other are getting along well enough) it's just that we recently changed our feeding system and it's having a negative reaction between those two.
  2. pvtbones

    so originally me and my girlfriend had 2 female cats (Cleo and Joan). then one day she brought home a stray female during a storm(Marie). Marie and Joan did not get along that well and we're kept separate because as it so turns out, Marie was pregnant. she gave birth to 4 adorable kittens, two...
  3. pvtbones

    Xenonauts Public Demo Out

    Xenonauts is a Spiritual Successor to the Original XCOM games, made by the fans for the fans of the originals. and it has just started a Kick Starter to getting additional funding to make this pretty awesome game even more awesome and polished, and in doing so they've also released a playable...
  4. pvtbones

    fresh win7 installl, gui issue.

    so I decided it was due time to reformat my computer the install went well and I proceeded to install AVG and spy bot snf the ATI 5770 drivers (from their website) but I have noticed something odd that I fine concerning, I don't really know how to describe it so I took a picture. I...
  5. pvtbones

    UFO Possibly Found on Ocean Floor

    seriously guys... noone has made a reference to sphere? I mean seriously? I am disappoint.
  6. pvtbones

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    do you mean for the subscription?
  7. pvtbones

    I insist you play this game

    I'm really liking the demo can't make it past a day though XD
  8. pvtbones

    So, whatcha doing this saturday?

    a bad divorce..
  9. pvtbones

    Most underappreciated games

    it's not a part of the current generations gaming diet, so I say yes.
  10. pvtbones

    Most underappreciated games

    Xcom Enemy unknown and dwarf fortress
  11. pvtbones

    The official ANDROID thread!

    I thinking of rooting my htc magic + from rogers, do any of you guys have a recommendation of which one to go for and what my phone would be capable of doing. I dropped out of the loop for a bit.
  12. pvtbones

    Help me, all over itching no rash or anything

    the last couple days I developed this all over itch without any sort of rash, bumps, or flaky skin (only redness I get is from when I scratch the itch). I tried taking a warm shower last night and that helped alot, but it didn't this night the only other thing I've had is a slightly upset...
  13. pvtbones

    Mass Effect 3

    slightly off topic question, I completed mass effect 1 on my 360 (now sorta dead) and own ME2 for the PC, is there anyway I can use my 360 save on my pc version of ME2?
  14. pvtbones

    Cyborgs; Hybrots; Remote/Software Controlled Organisms

    whats that from zt?
  15. pvtbones


    anyone want to be my sponsor?
  16. pvtbones

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    Haven't had a chance to play since if hit beta but I got an hour or two in last night after 156 dropped. I gotta say, definitely awesome. Got to play all the alien classes but the gorge and I had a blast. the teleport on the fade felt a bit wonky
  17. pvtbones

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    amen /char
  18. pvtbones

    No Mom, just one more turn... (Civ V)

    So what is everyone's favourite tech era? I'm really digging industrial era. Just got tanks and planes, oh my
  19. pvtbones

    No Mom, just one more turn... (Civ V)

    yeeeeah... I appearently had traded it to Elizabeth for the monies...XD
  20. pvtbones

    No Mom, just one more turn... (Civ V)

    I'm sure I also have a road for it