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  1. gh0st

    Jerry Falwell Dead

    in before ban
  2. gh0st

    Jerry Falwell Dead

    me too. :rolleyes: so sad i wont be able to join the 7 people left on this forum.
  3. gh0st

    Jerry Falwell Dead

    Aww poor old guy. He's with the lord Jebus in heaven now.
  4. gh0st

    Threads like these are why I love the SA forums so much.

    I regularly sex my cousin up. Or I would if she would just let me.
  5. gh0st

    UN: Israel violating international law

    LOL as though the UN has any clout. "hey you! you're... doing bad things! you.. you.. you.. SHOULD CUT IT OUT" israel would take a huge shit all over the UN, and im glad they are because they are killing subhuman animals. even those stupid children were just terrorists in training.
  6. gh0st

    F.E.A.R. multiplayer = to become free

    thats good cause i couldnt complete singleplayer after the cloaked things started crawling ont he walls and shit.
  7. gh0st

    Company Of Hereos Public Beta

    dispite itself this game is one of the most fun rts games ive ever played... when its playable. its very frustrating trying to play this game right now. my ingame name is gh0sthl2
  8. gh0st

    Company Of Hereos Public Beta

    wow looks cool. the way shakermaker describes it almost makes me giddy. i am downloading and hope to play some of you beeyotches. even though strategy games scare me, i prefer looking my enemy in the eye. edit: oh wow, this game IS awesome.
  9. gh0st

    check out my sim city

    aptly titled jonathanville some gay residential district god this game is addicting.. its simple and fun unlike the complex monsters that its successors are. who else likes this SHIT by the way... if you've never played this game before,
  10. gh0st

    Who is your hero in history?

    Justinian Byzantine Empire in 550. The reconquests of Justinian are in green. now thats a man.
  11. gh0st

    wal mart

    i think krynns point is that bikes r gay....
  12. gh0st

    wal mart

    walmarts awesome if you like it in the ass.
  13. gh0st

    For the love of god legalize marijuana

    i agree.
  14. gh0st

    Back to School/work soon, anyone commited suicide yet?

    my schedule is awesome. i dont have 7 classes like high school, i have 3. on any given day i only have 2. english 11 to 12:20 mon, wed, fri math 10 to 10:50 each day psychology 11 to 1:20 tuesday and thursday school from 10 to 12:0 is AWESOME. this is called a "full course load" too :)...
  15. gh0st

    Possible end to Hostilities

    the only people that have to accept it are hezbollah and israel. HAHAHAHAHHAA.
  16. gh0st

    A Letter from the Prime Minister of Israel

    you dont even live in the US dumbshit. how the **** would you know?
  17. gh0st

    For the love of god legalize marijuana

    id rather the vast number of dumb potheads just stayed amongst themselves
  18. gh0st

    entitled people

    i've never voted. i was too young to vote for anything in 2000 and in 2004. i can vote in 2006 though. there would be far more than simple economics involved with who i would vote for, though.
  19. gh0st

    Colbert Sasses DC Rep

    colbert is the shit. he's so much funnier than john stewart.