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  1. Toro

    Xbox One

    I have a feeling Xbox 1 will fail based on its money-whoring system "Once you activate a game, you can not take it to your friends house" "Activating a used game has a fee that costs as much as the game new" Also notice they barely talked about games during announcement. Infact, the only...
  2. Toro

    What is your speed?

    Yeah, At a good time its Download: 40 mbs Upload: 10 mbs Ping: 7 ms
  3. Toro

    Microsoft Illumiroom - Bringing Ancient Roman orgies to your living room. One step at a time.

    Its cool, but wouldn't VR (Oculus rift) be better? Cause it looks wierd how the furniture is there.
  4. Toro

    The stanley Parable

    Its also all about Raphael and Emotions... It still sounds like the creator was on LSD well he was making though "in the stanley Parable HD Remix you play as A Dream of a vision of a ghost of a robot samurai named stanley." "Here we have Stanley trapping his grandfathers soul in a bike"...
  5. Toro

    What is your speed?

    I have really bad speed due to an extreme infrared router. EDIT: apparently I have extremely good internet compared to everyone else but stigmata D:...
  6. Toro

    tf2 mods

    Dont forget Versus Saxton Hale :cat:
  7. Toro

    Is this true

    Doubt it. in-fact, I nocliped around on the map it was suppost to be on, and checked a list of the maps in Portal 2, It showed up on none. :I