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    Valve Are Aware of the Europe Prices Issue

    Dunno if Paypal works with Visa Electron. It doesn't work with Finnish banks, at least. Good idea, though. I'll give it a try.
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    Valve Are Aware of the Europe Prices Issue

    Yay, after the currencychanges, I can't buy anything on Steam at all. Using a Visa Electron used to work fine, but no more. Kind of a bummer...
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    Store European Currency Beta Available

    No, that wouldn't work at all, since if you're buying something in your own currency there are no taxes included, which would make games on Steam way cheaper for Europeans. Example: Far Cry 2 is 55$, which is about 41 euro. Pretty nice price, right? Without VAT, it would be, but after VAT the...
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    Grand Theft Auto IV Now Available

    Krynn, that benchmark does give me some hope that I'll be able to run this game. By no means do I have a slouch of a system, with a Phenom 9750(Quad Core 2.4GHz, so probably comparatively powerful), 4 gigs of DDR2, and a HD4850. So I'm hoping for it to work smoothly(enough). I've still got...
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    Firearms Source - Internal Alpha Begins

    Well, it IS Firearms. How can you not be aroused? Seriously though, this is looking great, I've been looking forward to a Firearms mod for HL2 for a long time. Of course, as someone correctly pointed out, this doesn't have to be released for a long long time...
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    Firearms Source - Internal Alpha Begins

    Quite probably the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed in my life.
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    Awakening - HL2 Single Player mod

    Pre HL2 doesn't mean pre-Combine or pre-Breen.
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    Dystopia Version 1 Released

    You wouldn't? It's definately the most polished, with the most unique features not ripped straight out of HL2 itself. I was about to make a semi-negative post about the game, because I'd tried it but not really felt anything for it. But instead I went back for another game, and I'm seeing more...
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    It's Now Fall 2007...

    Well, actually, if you think about it, the relative decrease in development time is still there. Other developers take 2 years to make a full game, and six months to make an episode. Valve takes 8 years to make a game, but only two years to make an episode. It's awesome.
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    The Crossing Interview and Videos.

    Sounds awesome. Can't wait. When's it out? Next year, sometime, I reckon...
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    Left 4 Dead Interview and Trailer

    Remember this isn't a Valve game, so making jokes about its estimated releasedate, not quite so funny...
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    "The Crossing" World Premiere

    That actually sounds cool, but I'm getting the feeling that this is something bigger. Judging from what Shawn said in the 1Up Show, this is something huge. Huge as in "exploding people's heads because they can't understand it". Or something. I realize it's not the public opinion, but I feel...
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    Firearms Source Short Video

    That guy was bunnyjumping... I may just be seeing this through the rosy red goggles of nostalgia, but I remember a slowerpaced, more deliberate game. Maybe something where you needed to be still, even crouch, to hit something? I dunno, either way it looks really cool, especially the fact that...
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    Using the Wiimote to Play Half Life 2

    Yeah, IR stands for Infra Red, which is light, we just can't see it. As for the other stuff, I said "remotes", as in more than one. There's a video at Gamevideos where they use two remote controls instead of the sensorbar. I'm not sure about the candles stuff, it sounds iffy, but apparently...
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    Using the Wiimote to Play Half Life 2

    A common misconception is that people think the sensor bar sends information to the Wii. It doesn't. It's just there to emit light, which the remote needs to work. It is the remote that sends information to the console(or PC, if you can make it work). You can just as well use two candles...
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    SMOD: Tactical Delta 3 Released

    This is actually sorta cool. I'm a big fan of the OFP style aiming, makes hipshooting an art. Plus, the weapons are cool. Too bad there ain't multiplayer.
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    SMOD: Tactical Delta 3 Released

    Watched some of the movies and it actually looks cool, to me. Been waiting for a good FPS to keep me occupied until I get Gothic 3(hoping for that one today).
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    Iron Grip released!

    Just finished playing it for the first time. Gotta say, this is a really fun mod. It has that potential, at least. I happened to get into a server where the oppression finally got someone who knew what he was doing, and evened things out a bit. Before that, the round would be won after 30...
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    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Demo Released

    Been following this game since back when it was Arx Fatalis 2, or so we thought, and I am definately buying it. Gonna shop around for preorders. It's a shame I can't have it now though. Oh, and awesome demo. Just awesome. Too bad I'd seen most of it from before.
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    Nuclear Dawn Media Update

    Looks awesome. I wonder when we'll be seeing the release of this one. Oh, I checked out the Focus thingie. Funny concept art, hehe. I actually wish more teams would do this, meaning I wish more teams would explain/elaborate(in detail or not so much) on what is being done at any given moment. It...