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  1. COALslaw

    Beat it in 1:30... (Spoilers)

    How long have they been working on this again? 1.5 hours makes for a decent demo.
  2. COALslaw

    Valve Opens The Orange Box!

    lol...portal can literally be beaten in an hour and a half. Fun ride while it lasted but jesus christ.. Valve wtf.
  3. COALslaw

    Team Fortress 2 Update

    Valve really doesn't like spam.....they're forgetting their roots.
  4. COALslaw

    Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on Steam

    Don't post Warez...
  5. COALslaw

    Fortress Forever Update

    Many years of playing TFC and you've seen the 'occasional conc'? If you don't see one going ten times a match your either playing with morons or bots. Regardless, who was expecting them to be able to get it perfectly in-sync with TFC? I sure as hell wasn't, so this isn't that surprising. To...
  6. COALslaw

    Nightfall Media Flood - 1 of 4

    aye, seriously. Well done guys.
  7. COALslaw

    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    So the reason why TFC was a smashing success that promised competitive gameplay, was because of an accidentally created glitch? Doubt it dude.
  8. COALslaw

    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    One of the more intelligent posts on here. thefiznut: I've never come to know the phrase 'embracing new ideas' as a way of describing something abandoning proven, fun, and challenging gameplay dynamics. The simple fact about this crap is that it shouldn't bare the Team Fortressname, its gotten...
  9. COALslaw

    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    Go pop off a handheld conc in tfc and come talk to me, until then :|
  10. COALslaw

    Team Fortress 2 Hands-On

    Concs out? See ya later competitive edge.
  11. COALslaw

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    Sorry but if you've EVER played TFC, you know what you just said is complete bullshit. I highly suggest people who don't know what the hell they're talking about to just stop can't come to any TFC vet and explain that new changes are good when you yourself don't have the experience...
  12. COALslaw

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    No need to get defensive there people. I'm just another shmow expressing his opinion.
  13. COALslaw

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    it's just a shame that they'd change the game to please the masses. I've played for 5+ years and its quite sad to see it come to this.
  14. COALslaw

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    normally I would say yes. But TFC is something i hold very dear to my heart. "don't fix what isn't broken" comes to mind.
  15. COALslaw

    PC Action Mag: Black Box Release Date

    Hahha. Do you know how utterly boring this crap is going to be once it finally comes out? taking out the nades? capture the documents?. I suppose they'll change it just enough to adopt an entirely new TF crowd and abandon their old fanbase. Pretty cool valve. well done you bunch of ****ing...
  16. COALslaw

    I'm looking for a map...

    The map I'm looking for was created a while back and i'm just seeing if anyone could point me towards it, i've searched long and hard for a while on here and this is my last hope. The map was created in perfect scale for a hotel I believe, where he walked in a car garage downstairs and walked by...
  17. COALslaw

    Parking Lot Beta test is HERE!!!!

    Looks pretty solid
  18. COALslaw

    How much have you bought from steam?

    Haven't bought anything through steam. Crooks.
  19. COALslaw

    Goldeneye Source Update & Release Date Announced

    Looks great, beta was quite fun to.
  20. COALslaw

    Left 4 Dead announced - Valve does zombies!

    Don't worry, they can just delay some more games to somewhat finish this one :). hahah. No but seriously this game is probably the reason why episode 2 was delayed.