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  1. Munro

    Game Nears the Brink

    I gave up Game a long time ago. My local stores seem to have changed into second hand 'pre-owned' stores with a tiny section in the corner with only the newest 10 releases for each platform. The prices are usually at least 50% cheaper online as well.
  2. Munro

    Full Width Temporary Fix *Poll Added*

    /Munro demands!
  3. Munro

    Steam Group

    It was an oversight on our part - we will be adding it to the site shortly.
  4. Munro

    Steam Group

    Yes indeed -
  5. Munro

    Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences

    We're living up to our name already!
  6. Munro

    Elevator: Source - Mod Release

    * Removed the video from main page as it was crashing some browsers.
  7. Munro

    phishing attempt?

    Use a better browser? :| I'll check the code in the morning and see if there's anything my end I can do to fix it.
  8. Munro

    phishing attempt?

    I don't think it's you. I think opera is getting confused by the code and thinks it as another (secure) site. Safari works fine.
  9. Munro

    phishing attempt?

    I'm running an affiliate link advertising plugin to trial which accounts for the URL. It's a bit of code hosted at their site that converts some links on the forum pages into affiliate links to generate revenue. There's no reason why there should be a login box anywhere but it's nothing to worry...
  10. Munro

    Forums acting weird

    what does it do?
  11. Munro

    Some forums gone

    I've done a bit of a spring clean around the forums and removed some of the under used ones. All the posts are still here, they've just been moved to other forums. I'm hoping by having fewer forums it will be easier to keep track of current discussions.
  12. Munro

    Half Life 2 problem

  13. Munro

    Video of Gabe Newell's G4LI Keynote

    <iframe src="" frame allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. Munro

    GoldSrc games?

    You mean forums? No one really chats about those games any more.
  15. Munro


    Doesn't look too bad tbh. Just strange after seeing the other way for so long.
  16. Munro


    Yorrick's theme is now the default and the Steam feature has been added. *awaits the angry mob*
  17. Munro

    Time errors

    I'll give it a go.... (edit) seems to be working OK. Check your time settings in UserCP to make sure you haven't changed anything.
  18. Munro

    Small bug in polls

    I still prefer the option of you adding www. to your bookmark :)
  19. Munro

    A question on forum policy

    That's a no-go I'm afraid.