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  1. Pajari

    Another Rosie Comment

    It's been too long, definitely. Good to see you're still around.
  2. Pajari

    Another Rosie Comment

    Rosie is pretty much a non-issue as far as reasoned debate is concerned. She is basically the personification of the soccer mom constituency- uninformed, angry, and hostile to common sense and personal freedom for the sake of "the children."
  3. Pajari

    World War One

    World War One was absoloutey not a pointless war. It basically broke the back of every single imperialist nation, with the exception of Japan, and remade the world along political lines- national socialism and later communism versus capitalism. The slaughter in the trenches was horiffic, but...
  4. Pajari

    US military to use Youtube as recruitment tool

    Armed Assault is more realistic than this video. And awesome too. But yeah. When I first saw this I thought it was more of a demonstration of where the Army would like to be in ten years, not an advertisement. Also, it's hilariously masturbatorial. "We're not chasing insurgents anymore...
  5. Pajari

    exite impressions?

    I love it. Simple and fiendishly fun. It's also kind of funny that they beat Portal to release by a few months, and they probably only started development when Portal was first announced, if not later.
  6. Pajari

    Iron Grip released!

    I played a few lag-free matches last night, and I wasn't terribly impressed. Something that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the spawn issues on some maps - it was common to have half the resistance team be telefragged at the start of every round because there weren't enough spawn points, which...
  7. Pajari

    Incoming Source - September Media Update

    Almost all lag problems aren't caused by code, but by poor servers in the first few days of a mod's existence. Empires had it, Goldeneye: Source had it, along with nearly every other mod I can think of. Already the lag issues I experienced in Eternal Silence and Iron Grip are easing up, and I...
  8. Pajari

    Steam Store v3 - Beta

    Birth of America is on sale now? Hellz yes.
  9. Pajari

    Nuclear Dawn Media Update - Competition

    They're all generic and pretty formless- they don't say anything or capture attention particularly well. I'd have just let the writers come up with their own introductions, though I do think that sometimes a mandated introducation or theme can be a good idea. It just didn't work out in this...
  10. Pajari

    if u were in a band...

    My... my... I think my head just exploded trying to imagine what they'd sound like. I think I can top that, though. I'd try to sound like Cameo and Linkin Park. grooooooving in my skin this booty it will not shaaaake
  11. Pajari

    Favorite songs of your favorite bands

    Cake - Pentagram The Mars Volta - Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt The Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone Jeff Buckley - Grace Pavement - Half A Canyon
  12. Pajari

    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye
  13. Pajari


    I didn't say you were a PR shill, I just said that I can see how people easily jump to that conclusion given you're intimate involvement with Nuclear Dawn and your admittedly bellicose mood in this thread. What I think is irrelevant here. How I weep for you Ennui.
  14. Pajari

    Nuclear Dawn Media Update - Competition

    the last shot is pretty cool even though iirc the sun never shines in russia But those starter passages for the fan fiction contest are lame beyond belief.
  15. Pajari

    Counter-Life 2

  16. Pajari

    SMOD Remastered

    Smod is the best thing Japan has ever produced, bar nothing. I'm looking to tearing through Combine with the FAMAS.
  17. Pajari


    It's pretty unavoidable for someone to make that assumption when you bash other mods. If you don't want people to call you a PR lackey, then you probably should keep from making statements like that. Or distance yourself from ND. For my part, I thougt that Insurgency was fun when I played it...
  18. Pajari

    Enterprise - Temporal Cold War

    Khan? Anyway, the textures are nice enough, but I don't see anything to indicate that the code has been touched. I'm not very well versed in the Star Trek universe, but I don't remember a USP anywhere in there.
  19. Pajari

    1944 D-Day : July Update

    I want to see that M3A1 in action. That model is pure sex.
  20. Pajari

    Incoming Source - Near

    It also looked like there was some clonestamp madness with the power wires or something.