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  1. Smoke

    Bulgarian 'assassination attempt'

    You failed to maintain your weapon son.
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    Florida cop turns off videocamera to beat 66 yr old with Dementia

    OLOLOOL double post my bad.
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    Florida cop turns off videocamera to beat 66 yr old with Dementia

    He'll get off. His department didn't suspend him for beating a member of the public. Beating the old guy he's supposed to protect. Imagine being the family, having to watch at arms length while some thick headed OFICER OF THA LAW beasts your father.
  5. Smoke

    Scientists creates Supersoldier ..

    Zim shouting medic is possibly the funniest repeating moment in the entire movie. But yeah, giant ancient ants is badass, I want some.
  6. Smoke

    Scientists creates Supersoldier ..

    Spread out, fireteams. You locate a bug-hole, nuke it.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    A cold dinner.
  8. Smoke First Kiss

    Put your face on her face.
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    Ugandan Space Research

    Yeah this.
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    Words banned from text messages in Pakistan

    That's what it takes to get some conversation going around here these days.
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    On Existential Crises and Coaching Friends Through Them

    Talk about the universe. Talk about it lots. Talk about how incredible it is that we have images of sunsets taken on Mars, how fast the winds are on Neptune (1,300mph) about the milky way, universal theories, entropy, how mind ****ingly BIG everything is, anything. A lot of it might sound...
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    Anon's at it again; This time they're going after Mexicans.

    ...People are going to die.
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    JesusWeen or how to get beaten up on Halloween

    Jesus, Ween!
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    Dude I went to school with slept with transsexual prostitute, stole her passport

    Am I really going to be the first to mention Thailand?
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    Recent Space Discoveries