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  1. Icewolf717

    Client.dll and L4D mapping

    Alright, When I make a mod and try to load it I get an error after opening. "Could not load client library" So I have been dealing with this error since I have first used the "Create a Mod" feature in the SDK. I already know the temporary fix. Which has been fine up till now. I've been trying...
  2. Icewolf717

    Beta SDK

    I'm aware of that, thats not my question though. Please read more thoroughly...
  3. Icewolf717

    Beta SDK

    I've been working on a map for quite some time for a school project in episode two, I figured it would be best presented in its own mod. Unfortunately I can't load my episode two based map in episode one. I was glad to see that the sdk beta came out so I could make my mod. So I made a mod...
  4. Icewolf717

    Moving Env_beam

    Got it working, thank you =)
  5. Icewolf717

    Looking for help with new mod

    Mods take a tremendous amount of time and effort to create, and a lot of people to contribute (Mappers, Modelers, Coders, Texture Artists ect.) Before you begin, you will want to make sure you have extensive knowledge in one of these categories before you even think about making a game...
  6. Icewolf717

    Error in Hammer

    Might be better to take this to the modeling section, just to make sure you are importing everything correctly.
  7. Icewolf717

    Moving Env_beam

    It works perfectly how I want it to, but I can't get it to start at the time I want it to. Right when I start the map it the beam starts moving on the track. I looked through the options, can't seem to get it to start with a trigger :hmph:
  8. Icewolf717

    Moving Env_beam

    Real quick question. I'm trying to make a Env_beam move on a track. I never really dealt with this kind of thing but I thought I had to use a func_train, which to my knowledge is not in the editor anymore or something. Thanks, Icewolf
  9. Icewolf717

    Need Help pls

    Well if your already made your mod, with the 'create a mod' option. All you have to do is open up the sdk, and select your mod on the bottom of the window. Then open up hammer, and then you can compile your maps and it will save it in your mod folder.
  10. Icewolf717

    Scripted Intro

    Hah! Yes im lazy like that, lol.
  11. Icewolf717

    Scripted Intro

    edit: nevermind, didnt read all the way through Actualy heres a tut. that tells you how to make a teleport, but it also tells you how to make a moving star field to. Looks interesting.
  12. Icewolf717

    fast compile details?

    I made a World Trade Center map (actual size, their huge). I compiled it using the "fast" option and got these weird horizontal lines on the building. Then I changed it to normal and the lines went away. I dont know exactly what it does, but thats just what happened to me.
  13. Icewolf717

    Wooo, were all dieing tomorrow

    haha, probably
  14. Icewolf717

    Wooo, were all dieing tomorrow I call bull shit, but thats just me.
  15. Icewolf717

    guns are for girlies ...oh wait

    Im from Oregon, near portland. I remember hearing about this. Pretty amazing.
  16. Icewolf717

    WTF lololololololololol

    Now everybody is going to start having sex with robots... this shall lead to the extiction of humanity. Good job korea :laugh: And im not kiding, people will start buying robots because it would be alot easier then getting a girl friend. Also just like in Futurama their going to have to put a...
  17. Icewolf717


    Ah well if I looked a little more I may have found it. Oh well good luck with your map.
  18. Icewolf717


    If I remember right, at the end of Lost Coast the helicopter would crash in the same place each time. You can compile it and see what they did. edit, heres an example map I made. Its basic, but it works. It just has the gunship fly into a building and explodes, with a little smoke afterwards. I...
  19. Icewolf717

    The Virtual Gallery

    I didnt download the map, I just watched the video. But you did a great job, you managed to make a very artistic level. Hope you got a good grade on it, I love it. One time I actualy made my high school in hammer for the cover page of the calendar, kinda simailer I guess.
  20. Icewolf717

    MiddleAge Studios is looking for Developers!

    It is. Presented the mod with no current developemnt pictures, story, or gameplay. (Moving to the Corruption topic) Cell should have checked with me first, but then again I didnt tell him to, but he was just trying to help. Im going to wait a bit, a few weeks and post a another that is more...