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  1. Norn

    Dance fortress 2, and knights of the round table
  2. Norn

    funnest animation of team fortress 2

    yes pyro sex is shown she is female but this very creative animation I've seen!
  3. Norn

    Beavis & Butthead meet Jack Sparrow

    I think most people seen this or not ether way it's funny
  4. Norn

    Mike Patton the well known as the stalker in left for dead

    the screams of stalker still scare me and the fact he rips you limp to limp is scary, I think mike also did voices for even the new class of infected too . also does the voice of the evil ball in portal as well He composes music,compose beat boxs... Listen to his music and figure out where you...
  5. Norn

    The Voice actors. Are they worth a praise or a mention?

    It took thousand fingers,minds and clicks there are too to make Team Fortress 2 make it what it is... what I notice that from counter strike and Half life series that the voice actors not only did they're part of the series, they also took on part of the facial factor of it... when valve...
  6. Norn

    The Standard trailer *movie co starring Nathan Vetterlein guy who voices Scout*

    I already saw both these movies The Standard v.15 and the little longer version The's a ok movie for those who see the reality of the high school student who is about finish up and going to collage or whatever in the new The Standard Nathan *who plays a boy named Jeremy* is...
  7. Norn

    music I had to wash my brain with after watching meet the spy

    Meet the spy left me disturbed in a way. How? I don't know it was gross finding out about scouts mom and the spy. BLECH!! I don't care about other peoples say I'm never seeing that video again!!! So :monkee: MONKEY!!! I want to forget it and just think of spy as just weirdo and not the...
  8. Norn

    could Snipper be a digger? it's an Australian soldier

    yes a obsess crazy fan thinking....I'm writing a fan story ok... about a Alaskan solider named Kirima *female and yurpik*who so happens to fall in love with Sniper which she wasn't suppose to do sense she join R.E.D... no she's not a on the battle field fighting.... she's actual the Secretary...
  9. Norn

    pics of the voice actors of team fortress 2 *all of them*

    Pyro / Spy ... Dennis Bateman Medic ... Robin Atkin Downes Engineer ... Grant Goodeve Sniper ... John Patrick Lowrie Soldier ... Rick May Announcer ... Ellen McLain Heavy / Demoman... Gary Schwartz Scout ... Nathan Vetterlein Collaborated by Moose-sama
  10. Norn

    false alerm for health: who has this problem with playng the medic?

    When I decided to be a medic on serve I was acturl the only medic on the team so before count down abunch of the team mates said I should be the "out" being left out of battle as much as possible so I could heal all team... being a noob in a serve I got killed so many times due to a over...
  11. Norn

    Brokeback Mountain

    yes allot guys don't want to see this movie blah blah blah... but's a good movie come on..... Heath Ledger did a wonderful job as he was doing what other actors can't do "repeat the same old act..." heath didn't repeat he made....
  12. Norn

    Barney Calhoun meets Gordon Freeman *blueshift spoilers*

    Don't care what you guys think it's just a crazy idea one night.... Explosions occur as the Barney and the team of scientists ran from what was left of Black Mesa's entrance all was hope in the lives of those still living, gasping for air Barney struggle through the desert scouting...
  13. Norn

    I'm finally going to get to do what I always wanted!!!

    I'm going to be a graphic artist!! I'm so happy!! I love to get into advertising because advertising is the way!!! YES YES YESS!! VICTORY BACKFLIP!! YESYESYESY!!! My mom is going to give me a mac for my birthday!! YEAH!!! MAGZINE WAR!!!
  14. Norn

    2nd wallpaper based on the fanfic "friends"

    any of you remeber the first one? check the art and design fourm to review Muzzow the dear kind lady came out with a second wallpaper for the fanfic friends the story contains *GordonxBarney* this wallpaper has better quility which mean a better looking gordon freeman no fuzzy no...
  15. Norn

    What's your favorite tea?

    I love White tea,green tea and black tea When I drink it I think of americans grandmother England China too!! bubble tea is yummy!! love yogurt balls!!
  16. Norn

    What guys are do you like?

    I haven't been dating but mostly just sleeping around. I have to say my taste for guys on things changes from time to time he would have to be open minded and be talented maybe an artist or something needs to have a nice smile and needs to pay atteion to me when we spend time together...
  17. Norn

    Sir Digby Chicken Caesar video's from That Mitchell and Webb Look

    I love british comdey it's more free flowing and funnier some people would say it's dry a word can't be dry...
  18. Norn

    Cool Wallpaper based on the HL2 fanfic friends *some spoilers&content*

    please read before you click.....important muzzow from devi-art made a wallpaper in garry's mod for the first time I see gordon freeman with his professional suit and Barney wearing the undersweater of his civil protection suit. As I can't do garry's mod now and force to play half life saga...
  19. Norn

    gordon freeman athletics taken at MIT?

    I visted the MIT campase last week to just gain some knowledge. I looked into the athletics part of the collage finding myself getting into being a total nerd as to thinking hmm what athletics he would have taken if he was a real person pistol and rifle for his sharpe shooting skills...
  20. Norn

    half-life-wierd life...joke by pick your nose

    sense there isn't allot of fanfics..might as well make a random one while I'm waiting for the right side of my brain vend out more idea's for wanderlust... setts in the current half life 2 settings with the labs and walnuts... Alyx: DOG!! quite pooping in the lab. Dad's going to be angry...