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    Any Advice for a first time cat owner?

    My girlfriend and I decided to rescue a kitten and keep it, and I was wondering if you guys had any advice or tip or things you learned that would help. I really don't know how to train a cat because I'm more of a dog guy. She's between 6-9 weeks old, and Litter Box trained.
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    RIP Top Gear

    So as I'm sure people who care already know, Top gear lost its lead host (and maybe even James? [His twitter bio says "formerly" a tv host ]) So I'm curious how everyone else is taking it? Any top gear fans here? And what about you brits? How you handling it? Nick? Just an American Top...
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    Gabe and Knives

    As I'm sure you all know knives are kind of a big deal in CS:GO and Gabe is a huge knife collector. Do you think that in anyway they are related? Like Gabe chooses what knife (or at least what the model will look like) based off of knives that he currently likes? Some knives had real life...
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    The next Database episode is ______

    The next Database episode is: (Legit spoiler alert) Just in case any of you guys were curious. :)
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    What are things on the floor of De_Nuke?

    Hey I was wondering if anybody knows what these things are on the floor of de_nuke. They almost look like stacked up coins growing from the ground. And why are there exposed wiring from concrete? Cs:go wiki sheds no light on the matter.
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    Show Off Your Best CS:GO Skin

    I wanted to make a thread for us to show off our best Gun skins in CS:GO, a sort of skin-bragging thread. Now of course skins don't make any difference in actual game but they are still pretty cool to look at and I'm curious if anyone on this forum has some cools ones that they're proud of. It...
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    Source 2 Benefits?

    So I've been thinking about all the great and modern games that still run off the original source engine (albeit updated and patched) and I started thinking: "What will source 2 engine bring to the table?" Source 1 seems to be (for the most part) a jack of all trades. And the only reason I'm...
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    Rainbox Six Siege??? Thoughts?

    So in case you haven't seen the video yet, try and watch it before you post. It will require you to have an account and be "mature". The first thing I thought was: "Hey! This is like CS:GO" The second thing I thought was: "This is like a really cool super in depth version of CS:GO" The third...
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    Battlefield Hardline

    Short and simple, what is it? How and why did a call-of-duty like game make this? It just seems so random and unexpected from the ...... Tom Clancy's Racing Simulator. After watching some videos of "heist" mode it looks like a team version of payday. Is that correct?
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    Steam summer sales wishlist

    So now that the summer sale is on, what games are you waiting to go on sale? what game has you checking the store page every 8 hours?
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    Why Valve is an artistic genius Part 2.

    Yeah, You read right. It rapes you. - - - - - - -
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    Why Valve is an artistic genius.

    There are few that come along that have sheer creativity and beauty of Valve thinking. - - - - - -
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    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!!!

    Now if you would have told me Pokemon released a new game, an entirely new series-in an entirely new region -with entirely new pokemon, I would have said Who Cares, But this isn't a new game, this is the sequels to their Ruby and Sapphire. This really has a lot of meaning to me, because these...
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    ValveTime Logo Girl Question

    Ok let me just start out by saying, yes, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I looked in some forums and I used the search tool and couldn't come up with anything, so just humor me please. here's my question. Who is the girl in the begining of every video saying...
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    LMG's in Video games are underpowered.

    I know I kind have ranted about this before, but I was playing some more CS recently and it just got my ramped up about it again. I have a question to ask you but before I do, I want to lay down some facts. facts: The m4a4 (and for that matter all ar-15s) and m249 & negev shoot a bullet...
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    Evolve: from the makers of Left 4 Dead

    I keep seeing this commercial on the youtubes for a new game called evolve. apparently, it's being developed by the same team from left 4 dead. It's a sci-fi themed game where a group of players fight hunt a large monster who is also player controlled. Is anyone interested in this game?
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    Counterstrike and Real Life Terrorism

    -I did a quick glance at the forum and didn't see any topic like this, so I thought I'd ask. What is your opinion on the idea of playing Counterstrike in real life terroristic events, For example: You would load up the map Boston Marathon, and try to prevent or make the bombing happen. other...