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  1. stemot

    Evil Dead 4 confirmed byi Bruce Cambell.

    Evil Dead 4 confirmed by Brucie:- I came.
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    Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding 30 second clips leaked online

    Now I know most of you on here hate the Gallagher brothers, some quite irrationally so this isn't for you. For those that are interested in Oasis post Noel check this out:-
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    8 pin PCI-E male to 6 pin PCI-E male power supply cable

    Does anyone on here know where I can get an 8 pin PCI-E male to 6 pin PCI-E male power supply cable in the UK? I need one for my new GTX470 and can't seem to find any sites that sell them. I have heard you can only get them supplied with new PSU's.
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    Dr Who episodic game coming - For free! A few more shots on the official Dr Who website.
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    Predators "Sneak Peek" - Actual movie footage.

    Over on the Official Predators Website they have a sneak peek of the new Predators movie with the first actual movie scenes. The proper trailer is supposed to be up on 18 of March as well. It's looking promising from the few scenes shown.
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    Windows 7 32Bit or 64Bit?

    My missus has just bought Windows 7 for me. Now I don't actually plan to update until I can get everything backed up and the right drivers downloaded ready. Plus I have to buy a new USB Wireless dongle as my current one does not properly support Windows 7. I got two versions in the pack, 32Bit...
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    First episode of Tales Of Monkey Island free to download for a day.

    Tales Of Monkey Island Episode 1 is going to be free to download for a day:-
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    Zero Puctuation reviews Batman:Arkham Asylum

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    MY new XFX GTX260

    I just received my new XFX Geforce GTX260 vid card today much to my excitement. So I uninstalled my old drivers and took out my card. I put the new card in, powered up, and nothing from the new card at all. Not even a fan rotation. It appears it's completely dud but I just wanted to make sure...
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    Mario goes on a sex crazed rampage...Check this out

    ****ing weird:-
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    Mario goes on a sex crazed rampage...Check this out

    Please delete this one!
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    Max Payne 3 announced

    Site here:-
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    New patch- actually increased FPS notably for me Patch really has helped smooth the game out for me. Also, check out this file from securom that lets you run the game without the cd (it is legal and from securoms ftp, and you still need a working cd-key, so don't worry about...
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    BIOShock 2 details and Mag scans *MAJOR SPOILERS*;title "Now THIS is the kind of stuff i would want to see in Bioshock 2. No silly Soviets or Giant Squids. Summary: You're a Big Daddy, and you get to use the drill and rivet gun. And you...
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    Big Sister Artwork on Game Informer

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    Dead Set

    Has anyone seen the ads on Channel Four in the UK for this, it looks ****ing awesome, check out the trailer:- More trailers and stuff on the official site:- The premise is this:- Here's a spoiler picture...
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    Clips from the new Oasis album on-line....Well, people wanted them to change......

    ....How they sound:- I know most of you hate em, but it sounds like they really have changed their sound with this, and a few of the die-hard fans are not happy. Just from these clips, what do you guys think? PS. needs to be run...
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    First GTA4 PC Screens

    Here they are:-
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    Not new Concept Art (edit)

    New art, I think it's legit, sorry if it's already been posted.
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    Street Fighter 4 E3 Trailer The amount of hours I spent playing the original Street Fighter 2 in the arcade as a kid, and this new one looks every bit as good. What do you guys think?