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  1. Skaadi

    Best Discworld Novels?

    So my friend recently let me borrow her copy of Monstrous Regiment, which for the most part was awesome, and I thought I might start buying the Discworld series. Considering there are over 30 books, of which I hear some are good, and some absolutely horrible. So I sort of want to find out...
  2. Skaadi


    Hey guys, I've recently been thinking about investing a small amount of money, probably in a video game company. I'm thinking maybe just $20 to start off with, but the thing is, I would really have no idea how to purchase shares, and I've no idea who I could ask (outside teh interwebs...
  3. Skaadi

    Killzone Liberation

    Hey guys, Next week or so I'm going on a 10 hr + car trip, and I need a new psp game to stave off boredom. I'm a big fan of Killzone 2 so I was thinking about getting Liberation. Anyone here played this? Worth getting?
  4. Skaadi

    Natasha Richardson "brain dead"

    For those of you who don't know, Natasha Richardson is Liam Neeson's wife of 15 years. Source: God the poor thing, I remember seeing her in The Parent Trap when I was a kid. I hope the media is just...
  5. Skaadi

    Wasnt Nietzsche that guy off Desperate Housewives??

    I just love stupidity, this was a conversation I had with a friend a few minutes ago. :laugh::laugh: (I'm beep btw) Beep! - says: god, try getting someone like nietsche or goethe these days "We asian! HERROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KITTY!" - Jay says: who? Beep! - says: i Beep! -...
  6. Skaadi

    Help with an illness

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the illness is where whether a person is depressed or not depends mainly on the weather or the season?
  7. Skaadi

    Poland! I'm going to Poland!! Albiet not for another year but stil, for a friend's ordination :D Does anyone here live in or has been there? I was wondering if someone could suggest some places to visit. I've already got some of the Nazi death camps on my itinerary but that's not gonna be too...
  8. Skaadi

    A Thousand Miles

    Ahh good old Boh3m3. Warnings: language or whatever
  9. Skaadi

    Peter Brock is dead

    I'm sure at least some of you know who he is, for those who dont.....,23739,20375532-10389,00.html Poor guy, the Aussie celebrities seem to be dropping like flies.
  10. Skaadi


    Has anyone here seen it? I keep walking past it in the video store and it seems like a decent movie. Reviews say its great. Its about a guy that drops dead and goes to hell except nothing changes, or something like that. I'll rent it in the next few days but I just wanted someones opinion on the...
  11. Skaadi

    Da Vinci Code movie and it's casting

    Search thing didnt come up with much.... So anyway, the Da Vinci Code movie is coming out very soon, i think it's something like this Friday, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I decided to check out imdb to see who they cast. I was happy with some of the choices but for some of the others I was...
  12. Skaadi


    So what's your opinion? Perosonally I think they're all are trying to scam off us (obviously). I cant help but laugh at this guy, good old Benny Hinn. He's a complete idiot, and any normal person with sense could tell that. And yet thousands of people come to see his show. It's really sad...
  13. Skaadi

    Ok, now this is just going too far.

    I've never really cared about political correctness before, for some things, but I just saw this on the news. In Australian schools, and elsewhere, there's a very good possibility these everyday things will now be called: Whiteboard: Pen Board Children can no longer be called 'good boy'...
  14. Skaadi

    This is so suss.

    I dont know if anyone has heard this before, but my dad had it on his computer,i thought it was funny, google searched for it. Dont mind the...
  15. Skaadi

    Worst Martial Arts Movies?

    I was up late last night watching tv (as usual) and this movie came on i hadnt seen in a long time. Has anyone ever seen those Mortal Combat movies? Anyway, last night they were playing the second one which was called Mortal Combat Annihlation. I'd forgotten just how bad it was. The costumes...
  16. Skaadi

    Smacky the Squirrel

    Gotta love this game, I got a score of 11857. The boss level is hilarious
  17. Skaadi

    So what have you been reading lately?

    I dont think we've had one of these threads in a long time and I'm bored. At the moment I'm reading 1984 by George Orwell. Its gotta be one of the better books I've read. Really fascinating. Communists? So this is the book that Half Life 2 supposedly took from.. I can see the similarities...
  18. Skaadi

    Shaving, eh?

    :x I was browsing around some other Half Life forums and found this. It's not as bad as some of the stuff I've seen around here but it comes close. Funny though. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  19. Skaadi

    Dear god its hot *fans self*

    Well, I cant remember it ever being this hot. Maybe thats because its 47 degrees celcius. *fans self* I dont mind it all that much because I've got a pool and air conditioning :D There's been all these fires around Woy Woy, which is only about a 10 minute drive from where I live, so If I dont...
  20. Skaadi

    OMG! Unclean!!!!!

    *sigh* This has been a long time coming but my brother is now officially a chav. Its so off. Today he came home wearing a black 'homie beanie' and he answerd the phone with 'Yo sup?' And the other day he was playing his rap music so loud I could hear it from down the road. Its just so creepy...