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  1. Skaadi

    Old folk

    LET ME IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN Edit: omg it worked
  2. Skaadi

    This community ....

    I check back after like 4 years and everyone is still here. I don't if that's really awesome or just really sad.
  3. Skaadi

    Pictures of Yourself the "Jintor demands it happen" version

    Naph that last picture is so goddamn adorable. Shitty webcam quality, idk.
  4. Skaadi

    i think im going insane?

    I've had periods like this. It may seem like it's here to stay but it goes in time.
  5. Skaadi

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Predators: 9/10 I had really low expectations for this film, so I was surprised at how excellent it managed to be. I think I actually like this more than the first one.
  6. Skaadi

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Gears of War and Twilight? This combination just seems incredibly wrong.
  7. Skaadi

    British girl, 11, now youngest mother

    ^ This, mostly. In terms of benefits,I do think they should give at least some money to these people, but I'm talking just enough to live by, and only until the child is at school age. THEN the mother can go out and find a damn job. The amount they're giving them now though, it's like they're...
  8. Skaadi

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Tokyo Gore Police 0/10 I was thinking this would be bad in a funny way, but no, retarded film was utterly retarded.
  9. Skaadi

    City of God

    I watched a little bit of City of Men years ago. Disturbing as hell, but still excellent.
  10. Skaadi

    The Sun (some pics inside)

    Speaking of this: dun dun dunnn SPACE MARINES.
  11. Skaadi

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Leon: The Professional 9.5/10 What can I say?
  12. Skaadi

    Who has more sex Atheists or Religious people?

    This. I'm a practicing Catholic, but I tend to avoid threads like this altogether. I don't like being harassed about my beliefs, but on the other hand I don't impose my beliefs on other people, either. If someone asks about it, fine, if not I leave the subject alone.
  13. Skaadi

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Ohhhh yeah, Snake Day is finally here.
  14. Skaadi

    Gabe Newell's health

    Willeh, I can't even describe how much i lol'd at your statement. That being said, it's probably true.
  15. Skaadi

    Gabe Newell's health

    Wow, never knew Gabe was such a pimp.
  16. Skaadi

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    Or Sanjuro, don't forget Sanjuro.
  17. Skaadi

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    The Desert Rats 8/10 I'm not usually in for the older style war movies, but I was pleasantly surprised by this. James Mason very memorable as Rommel, despite the smallish role he played in it.
  18. Skaadi

    How do you manage your time,

    Bawww, I missed you too Razzy. I've been lurking a lot, but just too damn lazy to post.
  19. Skaadi

    How do you manage your time,

    I've recently escaped that time void that is unemployment thank freaking Christ I'm not really a very orgainsed person in the first place, so during that 5 months I found I spent most of my time sleeping, on the internet, reading, or playing obscene amounts of Killzone 2 multiplayer. That...