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    Congratulate me or I'll be sad

    Yeah, it's my birthday. Feels weird making my own thread, so I didn't originally intend to, but I figured, why the hell not?
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    The Kingdom of Loathing

    The Kingdom of Loathing is a browser-based RPG with MMO elements, graphics comprised mostly from stick figures, a good sense of humour and an extremely addictive nature. Anyone else play this? Maybe we had a thread already? I tried to check, but you know how broken the search function is...
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    Happy Birthday, Saturos!

    Fappy Deathray!
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    'Selective' means you atleast select something, dumbass

    The last couple of weeks everyone I know started using 'selective hearing' and 'selective memory' as an excuse to get out of things. I admit I have done so myself in the past, despite not really having any such problems, but this has gone too far. I seriously doubt the existance of these traits...