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  1. Kebean PFC

    Forza 3 vs. Real life

    First off let me say: I AM NOT A RACING DRIVER. But I do have some experience with Auto-X and Time Attack/Max Attack events which I run in my Merkur XR4Ti, not to mention occasional bouts of street racing. Forza 2 was probably the most realistic racing game I have played up to this point...
  2. Kebean PFC

    zombie master is.. *inhales* out.

    My $0.02 It is like every other zombie game that I have ever played (with the exeption of dead rising) in that it is difficult because the zombies have massive HP and the player weapons suck, rather than having many enemies to fight. The ones that jump should be slightly weaker to make up for...
  3. Kebean PFC

    FBI Underground + Laser

    Yeah, I hope that they a properly executed though. I would have photoshopped the shadows, but the picture is so dark that isolation would have taken all night. I wasn't feeling it for this picture.
  4. Kebean PFC

    FBI Underground + Laser

    Umm, so this is a pic I made, posted it at FP forums too. The End
  5. Kebean PFC

    Eternal Silence Impressions

    Oh and one more thing: Makeing the capital ship's guns "die" permanently. I think it should be set up so that a human can man the guns of a capital ship if they want, and the AI can do it at other times. But more importantly, increase the HP of the turret, but make it so that once they "die"...
  6. Kebean PFC

    Eternal Silence Impressions

    What I lamented the lack of was a large, slow ship that carries like, 8 guys. Becuase flying the fighter and ditching it inside the enemy ship just feels wrong. I'd also like the hangar forcefeilds turned off. It is annoying not to be able to shoot a ship as long as it darts in and out of the...
  7. Kebean PFC

    The Colored Folks, Coming Soon!

    Jeeze please dont turn this thread into a pile of racism, the title was meant to convey witty humor.
  8. Kebean PFC

    The Colored Folks, Coming Soon!

    Hello, this is Keenan of K & W Comics just letting you forumites know that we are getting ready to realease our first original comic. Head on over to our myspace,, and check it out. There are some teaser pictures and if you look at the blog, our Huckleberry...
  9. Kebean PFC

    A True Cinematic Experience...

    Looks good, but i dont see the use in it, except for movies of course. And Garrys mod had this already. You could only see it in camera mode though...
  10. Kebean PFC

    Some Counter-Strike: Source News…

    w00t... Hopefully militia will be masterfully remade. Vertigo.. meh, its ok.
  11. Kebean PFC

    The world Hitler wanted...

    There you guys go... First you need to define life. What is it? What makes a being alive? Then you have to look through an adoptee's eyes. One of my good friends is adopted, she hates it. That may just be her though, im not sure... Also, No, its not brutal. Do you eat meat? If you do...
  12. Kebean PFC

    A Contest/ Help me!

    Ok, here is the thing, I would really appreciate it if someone could find the time to make a custom motorcycle model for me. It would be that of a Honda CBR-600 RR. Now before any of you post some of your wise a$$ comebacks like do it yourself, i have tried, and i am no modeler. I have also...
  13. Kebean PFC

    "Incoming Source" Media Update

    This is in my top ten mods list. Can wait till it comes out, i loved Halo MP so chances are ill love this.
  14. Kebean PFC

    katrina victims trashing places, etc.

    No godamn it i am NOT saying that the majority of BLACKS are thugs, i am saying the majority of People there are. Whites included. The people are not try to help themselves, they are sitting on thier butts whining to the fedral government to come in a fix everything. It doesnt work that way...
  15. Kebean PFC

    katrina victims trashing places, etc.

    Just how you judge us and our armed forces. Dont be a hypocrit. And what is that supposed to mean? They can't CONFIRM it? So the old man just died of old age right? The bullet wounds had nothing to do with it? No, all of them arn't but the majority is. Ask not what your country can do for...
  16. Kebean PFC

    Another Soldier That Didn't Support War Dies

    Now where did i say that?
  17. Kebean PFC

    What Does 2,000 Look Like?

    "Chickenshits" NoLimit & Shakermaker. Did it ever occur to you that some of us are not 18 yet? Obviously not. You are a bunch of hypocritical jackasses. You argue endlessly about "needless death" yet you push a forum member to enlist with the intention that he dies. That is about as low as...
  18. Kebean PFC

    Another Soldier That Didn't Support War Dies

    Yup. Sorry, but those are our laws. I happen to believe that when it is your time to die, it is your time. Nothing can change that and it does not apply to just the war, i actually believe it. According to a qoute like this is could argue that the Army saved his life becuase had he had not...
  19. Kebean PFC

    Plan of Attack: Beta 4 Out Wednesday

    The buy system turns me away. And that is really it. Gameplay is ok, when you can afford the gun for your class. True but they dont have to buy it at the start of a battle either :)
  20. Kebean PFC


    It is not a flawed comparison. And your anology is worse, becuase it is entirely incorrect. I start with a model T ford. The market is the environment and the consumers are predators. The model T is sold (eaten) by the consumer. Ok, so mass production of the model T is on, and many are sold and...