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  1. Matt

    The Little Things

    After replaying the Half-Life series, and seeing some of the cool minute details in the games (like a Tic-Tac-Toe block being missing in the playground, and then being found lying in a citizen apartment), I became interested in what other, small things that Valve hid in the Half-Life series of...
  2. Matt

    The First Ever G-Man Theory.

    Well... oh. I believe that the Half-Life series most certainly does have a plot, in the full sense of the word, and analyzing it, although not really useful, is fun, and get's our brain juices flowin'. Yes, games tell and continue stories with the newest technological advancements, and this...
  3. Matt

    The First Ever G-Man Theory.

    Nah, he's Alyx Vance from the past, I thought it was obvious. Thanks!
  4. Matt

    What HL/Valve gaming memories stand out for you?

    Yeah, that'd be They Hunger. I haven't got around to finishing it yet...
  5. Matt

    The First Ever G-Man Theory.

    Yes, nobody has ever speculated about the G-Man before me.
  6. Matt

    The First Ever G-Man Theory.

    The theory's that the G-Man works for an organisation that wants access to all portal technology, and is hellbent on destroying all teleportation equipment which it does not own. In the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, portal technology is nearly perfected, meaning that it must be...
  7. Matt

    Gordon's Boredom

    Aw yeah, NZ.
  8. Matt

    What does the graffiti mean?, WV 24724/@37.3418579,-81.3133745,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x884e477773999b75:0xb333381d928b6dda Yep, it's the Zip Code. Damn, that's cool. Oh yeah, and Caste could just be the name of the resistance street artist.
  9. Matt

    BreenGrub tweets again

    oh laidlaw
  10. Matt

    What HL/Valve gaming memories stand out for you?

    I love watching people react to moments in games and movies in the same way that I had, so I love watching blind playthroughs, but when it comes to Half-Life, due to it's release date, there are so damn few.
  11. Matt

    Greatest Relationships - ValveTime Top 5: Episode 7

    I thought that Judith and Eli would be somewhere on here.
  12. Matt

    what are the things you want the most in source 2?

    Dynamic loading, definitely.
  13. Matt

    Yeah, thi is pretty much the forums to me now

    Yeah right, grandpa, like that ever happened.
  14. Matt

    In other news, GabeN has a racecar.

  15. Matt

    Any part of Half-Life you don't like?

    I dunno, I'm not really into horror. Also, why the hell is there so much space in the box that I'm typing this in?
  16. Matt

    Any part of Half-Life you don't like?

    Really? I've never played FEAR , but the videos I've seen of it make the gunplay look freakin' awesome.
  17. Matt

    Half-Life: Beyond the Crowbar

    Free Sudoku?
  18. Matt

    Half-Life: Beyond the Crowbar

    I saw a forum over on Steam about this topic, and it kind of interested me. The topic is: what other, non Half-Life games could fit into the Half-Life Universe without contradicting anything in the games. I don't have many non-Valve games, though, so I don't have that many on the list at the...
  19. Matt

    Any part of Half-Life you don't like?

    I personally love the Strider battle because of how challenging it is, it makes you feel godlier when you beat it. I agree with the Episode Two comment, it's SO good!
  20. Matt

    Gordon Freeman's pictures look different everytime.

    Oh come on, you have such bad taste.