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  1. jondy

    On Existential Crises and Coaching Friends Through Them

    ^^ Outstanding. Do it, for the good of insufferable meaning-seekers everywhere.
  2. jondy

    On Existential Crises and Coaching Friends Through Them

    Are you sure she's not just after attention? Feed her SMBC comics until she feels better.
  3. jondy

    Metro 2033 $5 on Gamersgate (steam registerable)

    Does anybody else have stuttering issues with it? I have a Radeon 6850 and 4 gigs of ram, and after about 1 minute of play it'll start ... juddering every four or five seconds. FPS is usually in the 40s-50s, but the stutter makes it lag like balls. Ultimate balls. Which is a shame, because I'm...
  4. jondy

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive PAX Media Round-Up

    I really, really hope so, because graphically this looks pretty awful, and we're not really in a position to talk about anything else.
  5. jondy

    Solaris' old friends ruin the Queen's visit for the rest of us

    Solaris, I'm not sure what you've been reading, but this account of the Irish famine is just horrible. Not that the famine has anything to do with this discussion.
  6. jondy

    US Government to SHUT DOWN

    Right-wing politics has always been more pragmatic than left. I'm not sure you can say that the latter are more ideologically driven - I mean, the 'small state' is pretty explicit ideology - but I'm sure that this is why, generally speaking, right wing politicians fare better in terms of...
  7. jondy

    White house trying to make unauthorized streaming a felony

    ITT: Trolldodds fielding incredible retcon tekkers!
  8. jondy

    Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

    I thought the best scene was the Ministry thing, when actual actors played the original trio better than they played themselves. still kindof enjoyed the movie though
  9. jondy

    i aint no hollaback girl

    On the other hand, if women could grow arrow-shaped chest hair like that dude, possibly with a line above it saying 'I'm up here', I think we'd be a way toward solving this problem
  10. jondy

    Cookies and Cheating GFS

    On some fundamental level I kindof agree with what you're saying, but I don't think the distinction is all that useful, or even coherent - rooting through your partners e-mails for these kind of reasons seems to constitute 'acting unethically in a relationship' however you do it. But yeah, if...
  11. jondy

    I need 7 arguable topics. GO!

    lol @ the analog mixers thing
  12. jondy


    I cried with laughter. Whyy
  13. jondy

    Life Without Parole

    Justice /= vengeance, right? Or maybe I'm missing something here.
  14. jondy

    US Government Seizes Newborn Over Parent's Political Belief

    If you posted the article intending to stimulate debate or what-have-you, you must have assumed that the content of the article was worthy of debate, ie not full of shit. As the article clearly is full of shit, it's not a useful discussion point. So you either - didn't read the article with a...
  15. jondy

    US Government Seizes Newborn Over Parent's Political Belief

    Well, yeah. Now that it's been established - and it didn't take much work - that the story is nonsense, the article itself is pretty worthless. What kind of discussion were you hoping to generate?
  16. jondy

    Minecraft = Love

    Oh man, I've been playing since the server crash, just installed it on my home PC after finally buying a premium account - and it boots to a black screen ;( Tried the interweb's solution of deleting the .minecraft folder, no success. Damn, I want to play so much!
  17. jondy

    the Future of Transportation is here! Meet Shweeb

    How much more power?
  18. jondy

    the Future of Transportation is here! Meet Shweeb

  19. jondy

    Cop handcuffs teen after underage sex with stepdaughter.

    This was posted in irony, yep?
  20. jondy

    the Future of Transportation is here! Meet Shweeb

    Bicycles probably do about that. This seems very very silly. Luggage? Hygiene? Stopping with a stack of the things behind you?