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  1. Godron

    This isn't good news

    If Valve feel like making more Half-Life, they'll make more Half-Life. They won't abandon the saga just because they made a game with a 3 in its title. Also this.
  2. Godron

    Remember that Mars rover they built last year?

    They actually did it. I can hardly believe it actually worked. Good job NASA.
  3. Godron

    Remember that Mars rover they built last year?

    Live coverage here: (let's you watch a real-time java simulation, pretty cool)
  4. Godron

    Remember that Mars rover they built last year?

    You seriously underestimate the difficulty of such a task. We don't have any technology even approaching that capability working on Earth yet, let alone reliable enough to be sent to the red planet. There's already enough relatively unproven technology aboard Curiosity to have Nasa's engineers...
  5. Godron

    Remember that Mars rover they built last year?

    Well it's about to land, at 05:31 UTC on Monday (that's 01:31 in America). This is the Curiosity rover, aka Mars Science Laboratory. It's about the size of a small car; it absolutely dwarfs anything that's been sent to Mars before. The engineering inside is fantastically complex, and it's...
  6. Godron

    I think I nearly died

    However much shit this guy got from everyone involved, I still find it unthinkable that he can get off without any kind of legal penalty. Anyone who does 60 in a 30 zone whilst not even drunk is not fit to drive; he should probably have his license taken away until he can earn it back. Glad to...
  7. Godron

    EXCLUSIVE: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art

    Can't make up my mind on these. How do you know they're legit, and how do you know they're from circa 2008?
  8. Godron


    Anything that makes network address translation obsolete is a good thing. I could never really get my head around that stuff. I long for a day when every computer really does have its own unique IP address, it sounds so much simpler than the current system. IPv6 is supposed to simplify and...
  9. Godron

    This guy calls it like he sees it.

    Good to see a game with actual spaceships in it, even if it does look like it never made it past alpha. Looks like hates all the right things too, according to my own half-baked opinions; always a plus. Don't look like he much cares for story or atmosphere or characters though. Guess that...
  10. Godron

    Will Source use Direct X11 in Half-Life 3(or Episode 3)?

    Now that is interesting. I'm no expert on 3D graphics, but I've always wondered why mainstream game devs always choose DirectX, while indie devs often use OpenGL. From what little I have read, DirectX doesn't seem to be any more capable. I can see how developers would prefer to stick with what...
  11. Godron

    I Made a Weird Short Flash Movie

    Really loving the sounds in that. Reminded me a bit of some of the Submachine games.
  12. Godron

    Upgrade to - Planned Down Time

    In all fairness, I had always wondered what'd happen when HL2 finally joined HL1 as a vintage game from unfathomable aeons ago. I say, bring on A massive all-encompassing Valve-news site sounds like a great idea and all, but the Half-Life franchise has always had enough hype...
  13. Godron

    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    Black Plague is still the best game they've made. Amnesia is gut-purgingly scary but I thought the writing was terrible compared to that in the Penumbra games. Probably because they hired a different writer for it. The monsters were terrifying as usual but a lot of the horrifying/disturbing...
  14. Godron

    A Call for Communication

    I don't want them to say a word until about six months before release. I honestly wouldn't even mind if they stayed quiet for another year. The longer the silence, the better the hype when it is announced. Yes, it is. They've stated this several times in the past and I can't think of any...
  15. Godron

    Well... thats it. I'm not using the internet anymore.

    My favourites. Really though, Cyriak's stuff is all good. Find his youtube channel, watch them all, then avoid all contact with anything until your head un-****s itself. DO IT.
  16. Godron

    Which Gman is creepier?

    Same here. You can screw around with HDR and facial animation all you like, it's never going to be as un-nerving as a man with like 30 polygons for his head. And those lines on his face looked really odd. That said, episode 2's speech was pretty damn impressive.
  17. Godron

    So Google+ is out

    If you're all that pissed about no-one using Google+ then why don't you just add each other to your circles and start using it? I'd join in, if only to spite Facebook.