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  1. Blackthorn

    Batman Arkham City

    Does anyone have any super-high-definition images of the picture of Catwoman leaning over Batman? I'd love that as a wallpaper/poster.
  2. Blackthorn

    Jessica Simpson AS ****ING SAMUS?!

    Oh please no. Let this just be some dumbass rumour that dies a quiet death. This one could actually break me. Edit: Upon reading the article a more closely as opposed to freaking out and going into a cold sweat, this is as suspected. But my God with all the retarded videogame movie talk these...
  3. Blackthorn

    New rumor says that Valve's E3 "Surprise" is Half-Life 3 (with Source 2 Engine).

    God damn you. Now every time I read or think about the Source engine, I think sauce, and it sounds completely ridiculous.
  4. Blackthorn

    Gabe Newell reveals E3 Surprise

    How long until you make permanent residence in the inside of your own ass?
  5. Blackthorn

    That time of the year again: The Essential E3 'what you want to see' thread

    Last Guardian and Zelda plus something new and exciting.
  6. Blackthorn

    SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD (Wright, Cera, Winstead)

    I loved Michael Cera in Arrested Development but he has pissed me off in everything he's done since. Same God damn character every time.
  7. Blackthorn

    Metal Gear Fans-Peace Walker Thoughts IGN video review. It's gonna be a fun summer lying in my bed playing this game.
  8. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    They haven't outright stated the blockage is religiously motivated, but their reasons for settlinging in Gaza in the first place are. I repeat:
  9. Blackthorn

    New Driver game

    How is Driver still relevant any more? It was cool back on the Playstation to drive around in an open world (now hilariously dated) and the replay feature, but since then that concept has been bested many, many times. Now the only thing it has is the nostalgia-inducing name. That said I do miss...
  10. Blackthorn

    Gabe Newell reveals E3 Surprise

    ITT: Darkside is amazing at games and doesn't understand why game design doesn't cater solely for his own ability.
  11. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    Only thing I want to add is that saying "there are no good guys" does not excuse any actions and is a statement without any substance. Of course there is no "entirely good" country, but there sure us shit are countries (or governments, which would be a more applicable term) that are a lot worse...
  12. Blackthorn

    i Phone 4 Announced

    Will be getting in September hopefully. Looking forward to it.
  13. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    A photo does not prove cause and effect, which is what is important here. I could show you photos of activists being shot to death (which haven't been released, of course) which would be shocking, but would not prove who attacked who first. You seem quick to label the actions of the IDF self...
  14. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    The difference is, Virus, you only cite sources favouring Israeli policy. All your references are either from Israeli news agencies or based upon information supplied by Israeli officials. A quick search of "conditions in Gaza" in Google with give you a multitude or articles from far more...
  15. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    I'm sure if they released footage of the shootings that would've been the most brutal shit you have ever seen in your life. And weapons cache? Are you suggesting that's a serious threat? Because I don't see what threat knives are if the people carrying them are on a boat. Are they gonna hurl...
  16. Blackthorn

    Get ready for some more Red Faction mother f*ckers

  17. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    I'm sure if they rappelled out a helicopter they'd all be facing the same direction. Also, the 19 year old was shot from a few inches away, which doesn't suggest he was running anywhere: This was point blank range, and he was shot in both the face AND the back of the head? That's a long way...
  18. Blackthorn

    Metal Gear Fans-Peace Walker Thoughts

    My favourite thing about the game is that you're BUILDING ****ING OUTER HEAVEN. That just gives me the chills.
  19. Blackthorn

    Izzies storm aid ship headed for Gaza

    If they were running at them with a club or knife BACKWARDS.