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  1. Beerdude26

    Belgian government has fallen, lol

    Our Prime Minister has requested the resignation of the current government to our king. Don't know if the king has agreed to the resignation, though. He probably will, because it's gone to shit real fast. A summary is hard to make, ask Brick, he'll know more about this than I do because I've...
  2. Beerdude26

    Go for HD3870X2 or HD4870 ?

    Currently I'm using an HD3870X2 (which set me back about 250 euros). While its performance is very good, I often get floating point miscalculations (you know, those gigantic spikey artifacts that sometimes shoot up) whenever a lot starts going in the game. They'll occur in any game if my card...
  3. Beerdude26

    TF2 and cartoons, LOL

    Life with Lui (2 parts): Simpsons and TF2 (GENIUS):
  4. Beerdude26

    Repost: Read A Book It's still genius.
  5. Beerdude26

    Simple addition for Steam Friends

    In the top right of each post are a few icons representing a Yahoo! e-mail address, an msn address, an ICQ address, etc. Why not make one for Steam Friends? Put your Steamfriends link in the URL box in your User Control Panel, and when you click the icon you are automatically forwarded to that...
  6. Beerdude26

    Holy shit yes, Warcraft 2 music This music just emanates AWESOMENESS. Also, bring up your favourite video game soundtracks. Preferably orchestral/awesome/orcish to keep in theme with Warcraft 2's awesomeness. Nostalgic eruptions of "HOLY SHENS THIS MUSIC IS EPIC" are also allowed...
  7. Beerdude26

    Problems compiling

    Right, so I'm using GUIStudioMDL to compile my model. For some reason it keeps throwing this error at me: I think I made all the correct folders... Not using Beta SDK either.
  8. Beerdude26

    Belgium does great success, yes?

    Well, it's finally in action: since a few months, legal immigrants that wish to apply for social housing have to speak Dutch or French. If they do not, they are given free language courses. A lot of political parties here ridiculed the idea and said it'd never work; the European Union said we...
  9. Beerdude26

    The "Do you want tags back" Poll

    Pretty simple. You can post comments why (not) to discuss.
  10. Beerdude26

    This is ridiculously awesome [Weird Al] GOD DAMN this awesome
  11. Beerdude26

    Give me games to test my HD3870X2, can you recommend any games that will look purty on my new card?
  12. Beerdude26

    My new computer, hooray

    Case: Lian-Li A71 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA EX38-DS5 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.13Ghz RAM: OCZ2T800C44GK PC2-6400 Dual Channel DDR2 800MHz 2x2GB PSU: OCZ850GXSSLI-EU GameXStream 850W HDD: 1TB Western Digital WD10EACS Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro...
  13. Beerdude26

    Videos that never get old John Mullins' rampage in The Shop :D Post your own aswell!
  14. Beerdude26

    Tags ****ing rock.

    Seriously, they do. I just added the "more overlords" tag to Pitzy's Starcraft thread :D
  15. Beerdude26

    I have too many Source mods

    My Steam folder is currently at 65 gigs and growing D: EDIT: 68.1 GB. TRUMP ME HL2.NET
  16. Beerdude26

    Oi repiV I found your hidden motorcycle tapes
  17. Beerdude26

    Blarg im ded

    So yeah I found a dead mouse in my room this morning, it was pretty weird :| I don't know what happened to it and I've never even seen a mouse in my house, so I don't know where it came from either or even how it died. It was probably chillin out maxin' relaxin' all cool (but...
  18. Beerdude26

    Odd texture problem, normals are black

    Right, so I'm working on a project and for some reason any texture that has a normal map on it just shows up black. Whenever I do "buildcubemaps" it just restarts map (as it should) but unfortunately nothing changes. It's certainly not a bad reference in the VMT file, because with a...
  19. Beerdude26

    I'm looking for good earbuds

    Hey all, I bought a Zen Stone Plus 2GB but I don't like the earbuds that come with it (surprise lol). I'm looking for DECENT earplugs. I usually listen to boomy music like Pendulum and Daft Punk, and sound quality and bass preservation are very important to me. I got a budget of 50-100 euro...
  20. Beerdude26

    Empires 2.0 Client Released Get it now or I'll personally rape you D: Explanashens: it's an FPS/RTS-Hybrid. Here's the press site: Screenies: