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    that you are a total ****er

    that you are a total ****er
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    have you ever considered the possibility

    have you ever considered the possibility
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Abandon-thread Adam.
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Copy-it Quillie
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    Cure against sleepyness

    Sleep and not being horribly unhealthy tends to work.
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    Disturbing thread of the day: Sad bronies and their pony girlfriends

    Based on his username and his ability to conjure up a badly stylized horse for special occasions and his username, I can only assume venom2204 is a time traveler. The rest are clearly phonies.
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Wrap-it-up Vegeta. don't hurt me
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Crash-it Campbell.
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Trash-it Tony.
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Destroy-It Darren.
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    Wreck-it Ralph

    Annihilate-It Andy.
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    So what I've taken from this thread is that Raziaar needs to try hiking.
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    New Soldier Weapon Pack Released: Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators

    The new weapons are awesome and you people are stupid for not liking them. They have the first (free) new animations in I do believe over a year, they actually look and sound good, one of them has a new taunt, the retro-futurism thing fits the art style much better than a goddamn golf club, and...
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    Which year did you join the forums?

    I'm glad this thread came along, I was about to establish us 2007's as the cool hip master race without realising that I'm surrounded by crusty old men.
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    Osama bin Laden is dead

    Yeah guys, it's not like the government consists of thousands of people who could never all agree to anything morally questionnable unanimously or anything. It's just obvious that they're all bastards who go into the career planning to feed people lies and endanger thousands to maintain the...
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    A Book

    So is Matter the worst book in series, should I have read them in order or am I just missing what makes the Culture so great? It felt very mediocre to me.
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    The 51st State

    Africa, clearly. Silly third world countries, thinking they actually have sovereignty.