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    I am Jimmy Tran. I am a Christian Top Rocks Healing Rocks Musician. [Warning: Autopla

    Holy shit. Best Viet-Christian-Rocker out there. That's the young Jimmy Tran.
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    Video Request: "...or something"

    Anyways, I remember there was a video posted on here quite a while ago, with some Christian preacher guy saying: "Jesus died for our sins...or something." I've been looking all over for it, and I can't seem to find it. So,, can you help me? :(
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    SCR Drop Clock Screensaver Screensaver. Yeah.
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    Another Poster!

    So, I recently caved in for Adobe Creative Suite Cs4. Yeah. So I decided to test everything out (when I say everything I mean Photoshop and Illustrator). So here is my creation. My bad, I thought it would actually display this time...
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    Poster C&C

    It's been a while since I've made a "poster." But I really think I've nailed a few things down this time, and am coming here for some criticisms. Huge version. D: Inspired by this guy. Edit: Resizing's a bitch.
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    Mentally Challenged Man Beaten to Death [NSFW]

    Maybe somebody posted this here before; if so, please lock and delete this thread. The guy dies, seriously. He's beaten to death. Comments off of Reddit, lots of information and discussion over there:
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    Stunning Space Photography [lots o pics] You might have seen some of these, hell, maybe all of these. Still, this is some beautiful stuff.
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    Cassette Tape Music Player (TVDRS Tape)

    Full article here: Basically, a cassette modeled music player. Looks ****ing awesome, eh? Just thought I'd share something like this, seeing as there was seemingly no other place to put it without it being neglected...
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    Typography Shoot-em-up (game) Fun little game, thought I might share for the typography enthusiasts.
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    Turtle Rapes Shoe Might be old, but nonetheless awesome.
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    TF2 Destroyed After Update

    Anybody else getting this? After that sneaky update a few minutes ago, everything seems to be destroyed.
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    Ban me, I have finals

    You guys are just too damn attractive.
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    Happy New Year!

    Finally ****ing finished this damn poster in Photoshop. Thanks to Tav, I pulled it off. He was my inspiration <3 Happy New Year! 2009! EDIT: IN TWO DAYS :D
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    Have a nice chat (or not) with random people! Basically, chatting with random people. I know, you could do this on Steam or some other place blah, blah, blah... If you have a funny chatlog, please share.
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    More Abstract Posters

    Well, I told myself that my last work resembled James White's work a little too closely. So I started lurking around the various design blogs that populate the internet, and came upon this. I love all this retro stuff, in case you can't tell. I'll stop talking now. Here's two of my new...
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    My Abstract Poster

    Been trying to make something creative in Photoshop for a while now, and after sifting through some of James White's work, I finally found something to do. I figured I wouldn't really put it on my flickr, because I abandoned it long ago (4 months), and because it has some of my shitty work on...
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    Please lock

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    Live Feed of Puppies!

    Okay, the live feed of lions in Norway was pretty ****ing awesome. But live feed of puppies!? You have to be ****ing kidding me. :3
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    Oh. My. God. Helvetica. Never before have I felt such love for a font. I've never really...noticed it before, I guess. Now I want to make hot love with it.
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    Try and cheer up this insane Chatbot! Awesome. Post your chat logs here! Oh, and try not to be annoyed by him.