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  1. bobtheskull

    Introducing Steam Tags

    Bwahahaaaa Clicked the For You tab, then Recommended by Steam and got....... a selection from my wishlist! Damn, Steam, you know me so well....
  2. bobtheskull

    German Court Rules in Favour of Valve, No Game Reselling on Steam

    Implementing something like this would also make it easier for the people who take advantage of bundle sites, buying up packs of games for a dollar, than reselling them for much more. Humble tried to get round it with the steam link they have going, but if something like this happened, it would...
  3. bobtheskull

    New Half Life Community Event

    Am I the only one that finds the use of 'gaben' really irritating now?
  4. bobtheskull

    Steam Holiday Sale 2013 Begins - December 19th Through January 3rd

    Well that sucks... straight off the bat, 4 games I wanna get. This sale is gonna end me... :(
  5. bobtheskull

    Exalted Opinions, Games of 2013

    Best : Gunpoint - Awesome game, even if I am pants at it. Worst : COD Ghosts, god awful game. Don't like the COD games anyway, but holy feck! Thankfully played at a friends so I didn't have to spend money on it. Not really played many new games this year so... yeah.
  6. bobtheskull

    I finally remembered the name of this game. Nostalgia Thread

    Combat on the Atari 2600. My friend was a spoiled kid and got one way before anyone else in the town. Then I got a ZX Spectrum and my own first game was Manic Miner. The first game, as far as I remember, that got me completely sucked in (and probably solidified my future of gaming) was the...
  7. bobtheskull

    Your number one film

    This here is an example of why it's almost impossible to pick just one. There is always gonna be some that you remember after someone else mentions it. That is an awesome film. Also, for me, Fallen and The Game are high on my list. And Serenity. But, being a self recognised Browncoat, it...
  8. bobtheskull

    Your number one film

    Maybe to you, man... but personally, I liked it... each to their own. And for me it had nothing to do with him carking it. It has more to do with personal stuffs with which part of the film resonated with me at the time it came out. Also, I really didn't like Jurassic Park. At all.... And I...
  9. bobtheskull

    Your number one film

    Too many to mention, but always in my top 5 are; The Crow, Dead Poets Society and Bladerunner. I have specific attachments to each of them that make them very personal favourites. Of course, I could easily spout off at least 10 films I love just off the top of my head!
  10. bobtheskull

    Mr Freeman - AKA, Ben Kenney of Incubus

    I don't normally post, or really join in any of these omggordonfreeman type things, but it did happen to be the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this... Take off the hat and give him a bit of hair and, rise and shine...
  11. bobtheskull

    The Stanley Parable Trailer: A sneak peak

    Nice! I didn't realise this was being developed for a standalone. Loved the humour in the mod. One of my favourites. That would be friggin awesome.
  12. bobtheskull


    Good stuff there, dude. Really liked Inside Out.
  13. bobtheskull

    Cool story bro.

    That is so awesome. I wish there were more pinball sims out there that are worth playing. We don't have very many places left near where I live that have real tables anymore. The one place I used to go most often, I got barred from because I'd put enough in for a game, and be there 4 hours...
  14. bobtheskull

    Hectic Glenn is He-Man? He-Glenn!

    Hectic Glenn is He-Man? He-Glenn!
  15. bobtheskull

    Site Announcement: Munro Leaves ValveTime

    Live long, and prosper, Munro. :)
  16. bobtheskull

    One Hundred Titles Greenlit Today

    I'm actually quite disappointed to see so many RPG's on there that pretty much look like cheap clones of already established franchises. I don't know how much of their gameplay/story will be innovative enough to separate them from the others. Considering how many original games were popping up...
  17. bobtheskull

    Nintendo Announces "Nintendo 2DS"

    Indeed. I near choked/snorted on my coffee when i saw it. Said gif has been downloaded for further use.
  18. bobtheskull

    Nintendo Announces "Nintendo 2DS"

    Ah.... this makes very little sense... Nintendo really are dangerously close to heading down the pan :S Maybe it's time they just give up and do a Sega and turn solely to game development. Also, that Sisko gif rocks. If it comes preloaded on the 2DS, I may just get one anyway.
  19. bobtheskull

    GFWL will be shutting down on July the first, 2014

    I'm glad it'll be gone and hope they do patch the games. Fallout 3 ran perfectly on my rig until I reinstalled on a new HD and it wouldn't let me proceed until I installed GFWL. From that point on I could get about 30 mins play before it crashed. Always GFWL that did it. Arkham Asylum was almost...
  20. bobtheskull

    Humble Bundle - Origin Bundle up now

    Another cool thing is that each game has its own key, instead of the usual 'bundle key' so if you already own any on Steam, you can give the spare key to a friend.