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    Interesting Robin Walker Interview

    Covers a wide variety of topics: The scrapped Eng unlock was an interesting idea I wonder what they came up with instead.
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    Americans! Stop consuming high-fructose corn syrup!
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    Civilization V announced, switches from squares to hexagons Steam puts it at a bit over 6 months away. Consider myself excited, I was playing Civ4 just the other day thinking it was time for a sequel and hexagons have made a lot of sense to me for a while now. Hi-res screens: one, two...
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    Propaganda Contest: Post your entries, discuss winners, woah 11,000 entries!

    Congrats to the winners, well deserved. Jeez, 3 out of 11,000 puts them in the top 0.03% of entries :O Well here are my contributions: Some other entries people made.
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    Cruise control breaks, car stuck at 100km/h (60mph)

    Keep reading :O
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    Zeno Clash 66% off - worth it?

    Zeno Clash is on sale at 66% off putting it at $US 5.10. Worth getting at this price?
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    How did you buy L4D2?

    Vote away. Retail = boxed copy. I'm curious about how many sales there were though steam compared to retail. Obviously there will be a significant selection bias here but still.
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    GMod launches $10,000 gamemode contest Looking forward to seeing much more GMod gamemodes out there. Fun gamemodes were easily the biggest thing that were lost in the transition from GMod9 to GMod10.
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    Don't buy a PS2, Tav, it's not worth it!
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    One Million Xbox Live players banned. Woah.
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    Release date moved up Used to be Wednesday 3pm for me, its been changed to Tuesday 4pm, 23 hours earlier :)
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    Expect more Valve crossovers (a la Bill's Hat) So, more crossover stuff is probably on the way. This interview was done shortly before Bill's Hat was announced and I assume it is the sort of thing Gabe meant. Given the...
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    Killing Floor Free Weekend

    Starts Thursday I've had some interest in this game so I've already pre-loaded. I doubt I'll buy it but it should serve me well before the L4D2 demo comes out next week.
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    World of Goo: Pay what you want sale. Buy the game from their website and pay whatever price you want. Sale ends Oct 25th. They have also posted some stats from the first 6 days of the sale. The average price payed was $2.03, if you pay less than 30 cents 2D Boy get nothing and the biggest factor in...
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    L4D2 Boycott Ending

    The group leaders (somewhat pretentiously) claimed success and have called it a day. They are also buying L4D2 which would make continuing the group somewhat hypocritical.
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    The New and Improved Syringe Gun vs Blutsauger

    Now that the Syringe Gun has been buffed which do you generally prefer? Personally I find the increased regen of the Syringe Gun to be fantastic. Sure the Blut is better in direct combat situations but if your team is half decent I find the extra healing to be excellent for staying alive...
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    [TIEBREAKER-VOTE] Photo Edit Contest #?+1 - Viper vs Calhoun

    Well since can't make up their minds a tiebreaker is the only option. Everybody else who entered, better luck next time. ** Viper vs Calhoun ** The Ultimate Grudge Match! The Original Image: Viperidae: Calhoun:
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    [VOTE] Photo Edit Contest #?+1

    Original: Au-heppa: L3N!N: wpjiscool: Escape: Warped: Viperidae: Kinslayer: Hurricane: xcellerate: Naudian: GordonFreeman911: DEATHMASTER: G(ordon)-man: VirusType2: Calhoun: Eejit: Krynn72: Too many entries...
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    Photo Edit Contest #?+1

    Get to work lads. I might not be around to make the vote thread so when the entries stop coming someone might have to take the initiative and make the vote thread.
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    The Political Compass - 2009 Edition

    This topic has come up a few times, if you've participated in the past find your older results here: Think about how your results might change this time around, then take the test and post here. Take the Test. As for me: (April '07) Economic Left/Right: -5.00 Social...