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  1. AmishSlayer

    "When Video Games Get Stuck In Your Head" Just a fun read if you've got time to kill :)
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    Heroes of Newerth (Dota Standalone)

    This is essentially a Dota clone but in a standalone client made by S2 games (Savage devs). All the items are the same and a lot of the heroes have been copied (some new, some altered) If you've played Dota, this is a much more streamlined and polished version of it. It runs great, has...
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    Hilarious MGS Comics

    I came across these not too long ago and they are absolutely awesome. There are a whole bunch of them. The guy is still working on the comics for MGS3. Let's Destroy Metal Gear! Parts ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR Let's Destroy Metal Gear Again! Parts ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR Let's...
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    Holy Sh*t LOL INCOMING!!!
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    360 Motion Control Video Demos It doesn't look half bad. It looks like it'll handle better than Wii stuff right now (I bet it'll be on par with this MotionPlus Nintendo just announced - but that's just speculation). However, it's 3rd...
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    Blizzard Store = Awesome Go there, make an account and enter your CD Keys for your Blizzard games. Then you can d/l and use a key they generate for you at any given time. This is great for those of you that keep losing your CDs and/or keys. Diablo games aren't available to d/l just...
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    Favorite Sports Car?

    I think I have them all here: I have to say my favorite is definitely the Turismo. It's got the speed, good handling and it still can get away from you if you're not careful :)
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    Post Your GTA IV Stories

    I finally got access to a helicopter I got to keep after the mission was over. My first order of business was to see if I could save it in the 2 car-length spots you're given outside of your hideouts. The first attempt, I was setting it down nice and easy. There is almost no room for error...
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    World of Warcraft: Molten Core 192i resolution? No way! I'm totally buying this on release :) EDIT: They actually did a bunch of stuff. New unit revealed in SC2: Tauren Marine -Bonus: "Action Moovie" and concept art with "Udder Chaos" written down side of weapon New class...
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    Devil May Cry 4 Thread

    Who else has picked this one up? I just started playing a bit today (trading off with Mass Effect) and I've beat 4 missions so far. So far the game is pretty easy though even on Devil Hunter. I guess It'll pick up when I bump it up to Son of Sparda next time through. I'm saving my...
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    Smash Bros. Brawl - Full Character List Leaked? If this is correct it's gonna kick ass :D It also means Pichu, Dr. Mario and Roy are not returning. Fine by me, they're just mirrors. My hope of Geno getting in has been realized :)
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    Mario Galaxy Discussion

    The wait is FINALLY over :) I just picked it up at my Best Buy a bit ago. Anybody else get their hands on it yet? So far I've had so much fun just doing satellite jumps on various planetoids let alone playing to get stars :D
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    How much of a performance gain? Onboard -> Cheap-average sound card ?

    Thread title says it all. I'm looking to try and squeeze out a little more performance from my computer. I have onboard sound right now and I was wondering how much of a performance gain I'd get by getting a cheap or average sound card? Also, any suggestions for a card? I'm not an...
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    My Computer Problem: Continued

    Ok, you guys may remember my comp dying and me wondering wtf happened when I saw a wisp of smoke. Now I received my RMA'ed motherboard and hooked everything back up. I go to turn the switch on for the power supply - it doesn't give me that instant flick of power, so I figure this is a good...
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    Comp just died: Need help

    I changed a setting in a game. While it was applying the graphics changes, I stepped away to get some water. When I came back my computer was off. I tried to start it up again but nothing happened. Thinking my graphics card had finally ovsrheated, I pulled it out to inspect it. After...
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    Graphics card woes - need a new one?

    My 6800GT has been dying for a while now. The fan has all but stopped (it hasn't overheated just yet) and now that I found this nTune program from nvidia to monitor temperature and whatnot I've noticed something else. My PCI-E Leadtek 6800GT is supposed to have a GPU Core speed of 350mhz and...
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    The funniest review out there This guy hits the nail on the head all while making me laugh my ass off continuously throughout the entire thing. EDIT: Ok, that link isn't working properly now.
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    Leaked Project Offset Trailer I had no idea it would be this epic. This game will kick ass. Get it while it's still up. :cheers:
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    Flight of the Conchords

    Folk/Comedy duo that is just hilarious. They make me think of Tenacious D. The Humans are Dead His Simpletext voice is spot on Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros My...
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    Quake Wars: Public Beta Next Week CAN'T F*CKING WAIT! EDIT: Hmmm, I should've put "This week" because the PR guy at SD posted this yesterday.