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  1. Mechagodzilla

    Terrorists use kids as cover, then kill them

    Israel is a nation without a purely uniform race, idiots. Solaris is is criticing their military. A military is not a race. I do not enjoy being put into a position of defending Solaris. Consider this a pre-emptive warning.
  2. Mechagodzilla

    The Strider Beam

    You couldn't have the strider beam unscripted unless: -There is really complex destructible/deformable terrain, similar to Red Faction. or -The beam is downgraded in power from what it was originally. The first one's not worth it to implement, since the beam is the only weapon that powerful...
  3. Mechagodzilla

    Uwe Boll defends 9/11 clip from Postal movie

    Holy shit, Uwe Boll really is Kathaksung. This explains EVERYTHING. Also, I love how he compares a Uwe Boll movie with MONTY goddamn PYTHON
  4. Mechagodzilla

    Favorite Drink?

    iced green tea with lemon or honey almost anything with coffee in it
  5. Mechagodzilla

    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    That's retarded. Of course we can decide what is right and wrong on an international scale. That's the entire point of objectivity. If you're doing something that is quantifiably stupid, of course we can judge you. There's no element of thought control there. Here's the basic gist of what...
  6. Mechagodzilla

    Developers bet PS3 will be the leading console in 3 years

    All his points are just restatements of stuff we've been hearing for a long time. "Wii is for kids. PS3 has graphics." etc. They're the same not-good arguments we've heard before, except now from a company that sells mainly (entirely?) PS-exclusive titles.
  7. Mechagodzilla

    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    The way logic and science work is to determine what knowledge is true. They are the only existing methods of discerning subjective experience from objective reality. Logic is, as a result, the only thing that can be agreed upon universally. It is the only way to tell sane from insane, criminal...
  8. Mechagodzilla

    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    I don't underestimate belief any more than I underestimate, say, a feral raccoon. Belief, by just about by definition, operates without laws, and that is where its danger lies. There is a big difference between belief and optimism, as there is between belief and exploring subjective experience...
  9. Mechagodzilla

    'Gay Baby' Article Angers Both Sides

    If you mean the apostles, they were granted specific clearance by Jesus. God grants the same protection to Moses and others over the course of the bible, but unless god visits you personally, you are screwed. If you mean christians in general, the reality is that all christians actually worship...
  10. Mechagodzilla

    Crazy Conservative Lady creams self over movie 300's jihadist parallel

    What hidden meanings? The heroes of the movie are, literally and overtly, racists and eugenicists. No matter how little thought you decide to put into watching an obstensibly mindless action movie, I'm sure you can't miss the basic premise of the story. Also, yeah, I totally said all action...
  11. Mechagodzilla

    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    Science isn't a "side". It's reality as we know it. And there is a fairly clear line between artistry and religion. I'm an artist too, but I don't see the relationship. If religion is an art, then it's art in the same way American Idol would be were it somehow crossed with Dragonball Z...
  12. Mechagodzilla

    Crazy Conservative Lady creams self over movie 300's jihadist parallel

    Aw come on now, you have to admit that none of that stuff was hidden in the twisted interpretation of metaphor and allegory. I just gave a description of literal events that actually happen in the plot. :P
  13. Mechagodzilla

    Crazy Conservative Lady creams self over movie 300's jihadist parallel

    I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be allegorical but, regardless of intent, the movie is basically about cheerleading a loveable band of prehistoric nazi ubermenschen. I mean come on, they're established as eugenicists in the opening shots. And they explicitly hate gays and other races because...
  14. Mechagodzilla

    Crazy Conservative Lady creams self over movie 300's jihadist parallel

    I'd rather keep the self-esteem and go for a woman who is more likely able to tie her shoes without help. I'm just saying that if you're playing that particular limbo game, you may as well hold out for a rain-man savant at least. 300 is totally fascistic though, so it's not exclusively...
  15. Mechagodzilla

    Armageddon sequel...

    Danny Boyle is to Michael Bay as Christopher Nolan is to Joel Shumacher
  16. Mechagodzilla

    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    To coin a term, it seems he's a metatheist. He worships the concept of belief itself.
  17. Mechagodzilla

    Are Video Games Art?

    Plenty of art is overtly interactive. Videogames constitute a relatively distinct category of interactive art mediums. The resulting works are totally artistic, save for the occasional tacked-on multiplayer perhaps, but even some multiplayer games carry some artistic merit. Team Fortress 2...
  18. Mechagodzilla

    Midway sued over Psi - Ops

    Yeah, Psi Ops was fun to play, but had the most atrocious in-game plot I have ever encountered in my life. It would come as absolutely no surprise to me if the dudes were so inept that they would even fail at stealing an effective plot.
  19. Mechagodzilla

    Global warming will kill us all!

    GI JOE ain't got shit on the C.O.P.S. I will agree that there is some censorship like that alleged in Nemesis' cartoon: "The top climate scientist at NASA says the Bush administration has tried to stop him from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in...
  20. Mechagodzilla

    Global warming will kill us all!

    I get all my education from political cartoons too. No, seriously. I love how SAJ posts page after page of scientific evidence and you're like oh yeah I saw a cartoon once so there. Could you do us a favor, cut out the middleman, and just cite GI JOE as your leading expert?