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  1. Mr-Fusion

    The time for a new X-wing or Tie Fighter game has very much arrived

    Watch this and your pants tent will be created. I have no idea if this is rendering real time, i haven't even read anything about it. My pants are still dripping from wang blowage. Flying down TO the fricking planet surface! That was but a distant dream in the days of the mighty...
  2. Mr-Fusion

    My new computer

    Core i7 930 Radeon 5770 6gb Patriot Signature Ram Noctua NH-U12p SE2 CPU HSF What game do i play? Diablo 2. Sad state of affairs.
  3. Mr-Fusion

    Possible hijacking of Voyager2 spacecraft by aliens Lets hope this actually is true because that is so awesome. So so so awesome.
  4. Mr-Fusion

    Quickly need name of web comic

    What's that web comic with two space marines. A recent comic one of the marines revealed he was a wolf?
  5. Mr-Fusion

    What if humans gave birth to tadpole-like creatures in swamps

    Smilar to kif from futurama. Wouldn't that be strange? If after a few months a woman unleashed about a thousand live squirming babies into a pool. They would have human like faces with tadpole bodies. Over the next few weeks and months they would morph into humans. They would feed on algae...
  6. Mr-Fusion

    Any interest in a new Xwing or Tie Fighter game?

    Epic games back in the day, but all form of flight/space simulators have died out in recent years. Personally i would love one, but the technology would need to allow you to fly to planets and cities in planets in real time. There was a video of some company demoing this kind of tech a few...
  7. Mr-Fusion

    I'm Rick James Bitch

    Why was that ever funny? Why was there a massive outburst of i'm rick james bitch all over the online world. In games of counter strike people would be called i'm rick james bitch, then repeatedly say i'm rick james bitch. This was never funny. :x
  8. Mr-Fusion

    4 indian guys grope bikini girl at party - Video inside Nobody helped. I'm sure this stuff happens to you hedonistic people all the time. Bikini girls being grabbed. The video shows a man fondling her with a lustful...
  9. Mr-Fusion

    Diablo 2 - New Patch (1.13)

    Changelog below. Good news on barbarian, whirlwind initial mana cost reduced by 50%. OH it's in testing, not out yet. A new Mystery has been revealed! * Players of Hell Difficulty Realm games are hereby warned once again, that a series of...
  10. Mr-Fusion

    So how did you other aussies get the uncensored version?

    Greetings fellow zombie slayers. I need this game. Don't want to muck around with app id or mods. I want to buy the uncensored version because this game is awesome uncensored ( and complete crap censored) Can i just buy through steam or will it know i'm an aussie and f*ck me in the ass...
  11. Mr-Fusion

    Looking for mens underpants with inner pocket

    Anyone know where to buy these? Sometimes you need a pocket inside the underpants for stuff when you travel. Security reasons. All i find are the traditional boxer type underpants. Tried target, kmart, some other random shops. All this kind of stuff. Can anyone help?
  12. Mr-Fusion

    Sydney: The boundary of the mortal realm has been destroyed?

    It seems this morning, something has shattered the worldstone breaking the endless boundary between hell and the mortal realm? Should i be concerned?
  13. Mr-Fusion

    Dr Chaos and his impenetrable floating command centre WOW.
  14. Mr-Fusion

    Do you have a carbon-fibre belt driven bicycle?

    Curious if anyone has one? And if it feels any different.
  15. Mr-Fusion

    Train groping - Travellers warned -Japan,28318,26069414-5014090,00.html What hints? Tip 1: When groping woman, look away so she doesn't know it's you Tip 2: The way of the ninja hand must not be taken lightly Tip 2: Only grope women that look like sluts and women who lick their lips and eye...
  16. Mr-Fusion

    Do you use bing for porn searches?

    I'll start this weekend i think. Apparently the video search is quite good? Does anyone use bing to find their online entertainment? Or do you just go on the popular torrent sites like puretna or empornium (or go on the...
  17. Mr-Fusion

    Sexual innuendo escalation

    So i just did something wrong at work. Put a pile of documents on a ladys desk, she came back and asked me if i put them there. I said yes, she smiled and walked off. As she was coming back to her desk she jokingly, smilingly said "i'll spank you" then she made a hand gesture with a naughty...
  18. Mr-Fusion

    Horrible news That poor poor boy. When will justice be done? :cheers:
  19. Mr-Fusion

    Is Mexico the most ****ed up country in the world? These drug related deaths seem to have skyrocketed in the last couple of years or is it just media coverage.
  20. Mr-Fusion

    Hunt for the Mongolian acid spitting death worm

    Oh it's on mother****ers.,27574,25874750-13762,00.html