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  1. staticprimer

    Katzenjammer, the best new band I've heard in a while

    Hmm apparently that song they like to improv on a lot. Here's one that's a better indicator some of their sound.
  2. staticprimer

    Katzenjammer, the best new band I've heard in a while

    They are out of Norway, but sing in english (perfectly). Oh and they all can play each others' instruments and swap between lead vocals.
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    Music: Rate and Discuss

    So because I first learned about Astronautalis here, I figured I'd post some songs from his new album, This Is Our Science, here. So, here we go. Brilliant, all of it.
  4. staticprimer

    Underrated Games?

    Alpha Protocol. For a game that seems to be most known for sub par reviews, I've never actually heard anyone say anything particularly bad about it. It remains one of my personal favorite games of all time.
  5. staticprimer

    The Troll Hunter

    It's now in netflix streaming for anyone that wants to see it.
  6. staticprimer

    LucasArts making a new open-world RPG

    Screw Jedi crap, give me another god damn TIE Fighter!
  7. staticprimer

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Ground floor, across from the lounge area.
  8. staticprimer

    Steam Download Improvements

    You can do that now. You just have to alt-tab once the game is running, pause and then resume the game you're downloading. Still, it's a pain in the ass and I would like to see that improved as well.
  9. staticprimer

    Bye bye BlackRock

    I enjoyed Split/Second. I always thought it was bizarre that it ended with a cliffhanger though.
  10. staticprimer

    No bodies found anywhere in Texas, especially not in a mass grave

    I don't know if the story has been updated since you posted it, but the article says no bodies found. The blood found was that of the boyfriend of one of the household, who attempted suicide.
  11. staticprimer

    Sarah Palin: Statue of Liberty was a gift to remind america not to become socialist

    bawhaha I would advise you read up the US's role in South America in the 1970's.
  12. staticprimer

    Music: Rate and Discuss

    She is indeed a fantastically gifted singer. If you haven't already, have a listen to her live stuff like this: Awe inspiring, particularly 4:00 on.
  13. staticprimer

    Odd sensation while lying in bed

    I've had this happen to me, used to be quite a bit, not so much anymore. I would get the sense that I'm looking at an impossibly huge object accompanied with a sensation of falling or 'zooming out'. Only happened when my eyes were closed, too. It's a disconcerting feeling, but it always...
  14. staticprimer

    Please fill out my socio-political survey!

    Is your name Jonathan? There are some fairly bizarre questions related to this person.
  15. staticprimer

    The female Bieber sensation

    As an April Fool's prank, my manager played the song on repeat at work yesterday. For eight. Hours. Straight.
  16. staticprimer

    Probably just got a job at Best Buy!

    I worked in BBY computer sales for about 1.5 years before getting a full time sales position at a local PC sales/repair shop. If you don't mind selling services and service plans, you'll probably be alright. The novelty wore off after several months of every customer being nearly identical and...
  17. staticprimer

    I am going to visit Europe for the first time in my life..

    Weird coincidence, but I am going to Europe for the first time as well, and at the same time (last week of May, first week of June). I am going to be hitting up southern Germany, in the areas around Munich, Trier, Cologne, and the Black Forest.
  18. staticprimer

    Man crushes

    NPH. That's all that needs to be said.
  19. staticprimer

    Cycles of periodic highs and lows of intelligence

    I just started taking adderall recently, and bizarrely enough I can actually sleep better now. I also had no idea how excessively active my mind was, and now things are quieter and I can think more quickly. I don't think drugs can make you more intelligent, but they can make your brain more...
  20. staticprimer

    Cop gives girl in coma jaywalking tiicket after she's hit by car

    Oh look, another anti-cop thread by stern. Though I often don't disagree with you, this is getting to be very predictable. The majority of police are not bad. The majority of police who make the news are bad, however.