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    Guild Wars 2

    The first beta weekend and the one-day stress test I played mostly PvP and wasn't really all that impressed. It wasn't bad... just not, um, finished. The structured PvP capture-point maps aren't very good - they're confusing as hell to navigate and they're just all-around cluttered. Rounds...
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    Everything seems a bit too jazzy for my taste (stuff happening on mouse-over, etc.). The preview on mouse-over like we had before is fine, but stuff like page numbers and post rating buttons popping up and other stuff lighting up is just distracting. Let's see, what else... entire thing is...
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    Stupid unnecessary letters.

    I see what's going on here... DON'T THINK I DON'T!
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    Guild Wars 2

    Here's hoping...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I played in one of the beta weekends not too long ago, and that was enough to turn me off of this I think. Before I was even to level 10 I wanted everyone to just shut the **** up. Main story, okay, talk to me. Sidequests? Go **** yourself, I don't care! Combat mechanics seemed flimsy at...
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    Games: Rate and Discuss

    Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - 9/10 I played Magic in middle school, so when I saw this game for four bucks over Thanksgiving break I just had to give it a try... and it's been well worth it. It's a really fun way to relearn the game and play with some fun decks. The archenemy game mode is...
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    DotA 2 Beta discussion thread of sorts?

    I expected this to be fun (like LoL) but it's actually pretty horrible. Yeah, I can tell it's really trying to stay true to the original... a cheapass Warcraft III mod, which is exactly what this feels like. It really makes me appreciate what League of Legends has done for this game...
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    Steam asking for further machine details in relation to Dota 2 beta?

    Yeah I did this survey a while ago and had to make up a bunch of answers... I've only played League of Legends so I just kinda used my numbers from that game. Probably why I haven't been picked yet! :laugh:
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Alteration tree lets you have plenty of armor while wearing fluffy robes... that's what I'm doing. :P
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Never finished Morrowind and never finished Oblivion... still getting this one, though. :P New leveling system and animations that don't look like they were done by a two-year-old... nice...
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    I completed my first play-through of the game (about 22 hr) last night... quite enjoyable! Already started another game only this time playing on hard mode... not going for any silly achievements, just want to choose the different options and take on the extra challenge. Oh, and maybe...
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    The perils of Dating when you're a Magic the Gathering World Champoin

    You've all missed the real lesson here... go dig up your old magic cards, look through them, and wish you had someone to play against.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Well the tranquilizer rifle is horrible I can tell you that much... I've never bothered with the crossbow.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Definitely feels like Deus Ex... I'm pretty bad, though.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Midnight pacific I believe... I look forward to tomorrow!
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    Greenmangaming, like Steam but cheaper for pre orders.

    I'm such a Steam loyalist I knowingly paid more for the new Deus Ex game on there.
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    DOTA 2 leaked screenshots

    What does a hero truly need? Money! Awww, he didn't say it.
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    DOTA 2 leaked screenshots

    Eh, pretty boring screenshots... We get to see it in action soon enough, though.
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    Diablo III Auction House

    Between this and the "PvP" interview I watched the other day (direct quote on the subject of balance: "screw you, PvP guy" ... yeah, well **** you too), I don't think I'm interested in this anymore.
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    Soon, monetized but open domain names. (in any characters / language)

    Domain names don't even matter anymore... doesn't everyone just type whatever they want into Google?