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  1. kanaka

    Prospero - Database: Episode 3

    Amazing find!
  2. kanaka

    Further Half-Life 2: Episode 4 Images Found

    Awesome stuff, painful to know we will never play with it
  3. kanaka

    Half-Life 1997 Alpha Preview Disc Leaked

    I just woke up to this news and I am still shaking, this is so amazing!
  4. kanaka

    Next-Gen Source 2 Engine Is In Development

  5. kanaka

    A very merry Christmas giveaway!

    I will be delighted to be part of such incredible christmas celebration
  6. kanaka

    Sunday Mod Round-up 29/11/09

    About the hidden model for Jimmy Gibbs Jr, like somebody said on that site, the model is not really hidden, it actually spawns in the Dead Center finale, you just need to be lucky to see it and be attacked by. And the Rainbow OS, amazing!
  7. kanaka Updates from Valve's Presentation at E3

    Just curious about the Valve presentation: it was something like a conference?, or they presented nothing and is just a booth with some booth babes?, or is a shared booth with EA or just a lonely tv in a corner with L4D2? Gabe and co. were there? or the presentation wasnt today? or What the hell...
  8. kanaka

    Pyro Upgrade Dated and Meet The Sniper Released

    no, here ;)
  9. kanaka

    Pyro Upgrade Dated and Meet The Sniper Released

    streaming from youtube :D
  10. kanaka

    The Orange Box OST is Available Now

    woo! im getting one for sure, yeah the price is very reasonable and like a good half life fanboy it will look great in the collection :E in fact if anyone have the hl2 cd soundtrack and the collectors box that came with the gold steam package back in the 2004 send me a pm, im looking for that too.
  11. kanaka

    TF2 Beta unlock time

    Omg This Game Is Incredible!!! Testing The Spy! Im Going To Use The Soldier And Frag Myself To See The Gore!!
  12. kanaka

    TF2 Beta unlock time