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  1. Krynn72

    Memory Lane: Half life 2 unlocked

    Found this posted somewhere a couple years ago and saved it in hope of posting it when HL3 released, but LOL. Might as well do it now.
  2. Krynn72

    Elite: Dangerous

    We should probably have a thread on this game. Comes out Dec 16th, a few of us on have already pre-purchased it. Its a space flight MMO (No subscription) and its really good. I've played a bit of the beta and the flying mechanics are awesome even with just mouse and keyboard (will...
  3. Krynn72

    The most incredible video I've ever seen.

    They all live, including the pilots. Only one person ended up with some minor cuts (assuming the guy who actually got hit by the other plane.
  4. Krynn72

    Solar Roadways

    So if this becomes a thing, it would be pretty nice.
  5. Krynn72

    You know those bouncy castle things?

    Apparently you can fly in them. It wouldn't be much of a leap to guess that the parents didn't secure it properly.
  6. Krynn72

    Man goes crazy in the most badass way imaginable

    So yeah, this story is like a decade old but I only just heard of it, and nobody is making threads anyways.
  7. Krynn72

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance "Realistic" open world RPG

    Someone just showed me this RPS article about this game which was just announced. Sounds unique, and is being made by some pretty high caliber developers. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
  8. Krynn72

    Beware who you buy your knitted goods from
  9. Krynn72

    Wildstar: An MMORPG even I might want to play.

    This could be the first MMO whose gameplay wont make me want to kill myself out of boredom. I'm actually... almost... kinda excited for it. I'll just pull the videos from their website, should explain the game better than me paraphrasing it.
  10. Krynn72

    I finally remembered the name of this game. Nostalgia Thread

    Skip to 11:50 if you want to skip the tutorial and mission buildup. Police Quest: SWAT. I think I always got confused since the sequels were completely different games. This game was hard as shit, could only ever complete the first couple missions. This was one of my first games ever and is one...
  11. Krynn72

    Crazy man Mcafee sets out to create untraceable internet usage. **** yeah!
  12. Krynn72

    Are old magic the gathering cards worth anything?

    Doing some cleaning, and found a little over 800 Magic The Gathering cards. They're all in decent shape, was wondering if I could sell the lot for anything. Would anybody buy a lot like this, sight unseen for 20 bucks or something, or is there no chance of a collection this old having a good...
  13. Krynn72

    "I didn't bring my son up to be killed by a falling cow" You asshole Raz.
  14. Krynn72

    Has anybody been to a Gamestop midnight release?

    So The Last of Us comes out tonight, and I have a pre-order at a Gamestop a couple towns over for it. Thing is, when I pre-ordered I thought it was going to be releasing on a Tuesday, like normal games do, and that I could just pick it up on my lunch break or after I get out of work, since I...
  15. Krynn72

    School tries just talking to trouble making kids, shocked by results!

    People are regarding this article like its a ****ing revelation and so ****ing inspiring. Its god damn depressing is what it is. It shows that American schools are run by ****ing idiots. Intelligent people have been saying this shit for decades, yet still the people in charge are "blown away"...
  16. Krynn72

    USB 3 able to power your monitor, laptop, etc

    I had no idea this was possible. Wonder why we haven't seen anything like this yet?
  17. Krynn72

    Remember Me. New sci-fi game from a new developer

    Just stumbled upon this game somehow. Haven't seen much in the press about it, but it looks pretty good. Out on Steam this Tuesday. Official Release trailer: Video describing basic concepts/mechanics of the game:
  18. Krynn72

    Walmart does something good. Will offer a job to any Veteran. Thats pretty cool. Also, I had no idea there were so many Walmarts outside of the US. Jesus.
  19. Krynn72

    Astronaut makes a music video, in outer space.

    Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield covers David Bowies Space Oddity with his own footage of himself in the International Space Station. This guy is awesome. He's lived deep under the ocean, and all the way out on the ISS, and is a pretty damn good musician to boot. I watched a bunch of his other...
  20. Krynn72

    Huge Tornado wrecks up the place near Oklahoma City

    Basically, the majority of a Oklahoma City suburb has been obliterated. Multiple schools were hit right as kids were getting out, with the town only having about an 18 minute warning before it hit them. They're still trying to dig out people house by house, and are still trying to find more kids...